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Connections between people are the lifeblood of an organization. Relationships and interactions determine how decisions are made and business happens.

Customer (CRM) and Supplier (SRM) Relationships Management are commonplace tools in understanding and improving meaningful external connections. Now enters a new breed of People Relationship Management (PRM) which unleashes the potential of people networks within the internal workforce.

These people networks in organization are not as visible as personal networks’ friends and followers, nor do they blindly follow HR organizational structures. Organization networks are defined by what people create and how they interact around it within different business systems.

The effects and benefits of organizational network are multi-purpose and can be rolled up into the team, department, location and whole company. People Relationship Data enables us to see beyond the organization chart and address HR Business Problems in a data-driven way.

A new model: The Domain Nexus

The Domain Nexus applies network and people analytics to Enterprise Collaboration Systems. By intelligently analyzing the data from people interactions within Collaboration tools, it can build an entirely organic pattern of the organization. Centrality, closeness, community effects, social structures and network effects are all made visible.


Measure Company Health

An organization’s health is defined by how it can deliver the company’s strategy. The Domain Nexus assists to diagnose the key elements of health; Engagement, Trust and Diversity. By understanding the connections, flows of information and key actions a insight-rich view of company health becomes available. In contrast to today’s questionnaire based approaches, the Domain Nexus takes continuous and passive data from the way people interact within existing Enterprise Collaboration and Knowledge Management systems. It is no longer necessary to invest in periodic and biased snapshots.

Optimize Organizational Collaboration

Actions starts with individual employees but real values are realized when employees collaborate within their teams, across departments, and locations. Network Analytics can unearth how teams are collaborating internally and with other parts of the organization. Measuring collaboration between Departments allows Leaders to burst silos.

Besides measuring the status quo, the Domain Nexus enables organizations to scan through time and see how collaboration changes and evolves. Long-term changes such as reorganizations and mergers leave the shadows and become meaningful and measurable beyond the traditional metrics of sales and financial performance.

Process Automation

Any Business System which leverages workflow management can benefit from people networks. Take the typical Employee 360 review. Feedback providers such as peers, direct reports, secondary managers, project stakeholders are the baseline and must be approved by a direct manager to ensure a balanced, un-biased selection.

The Domain Nexus can automate this by recommending feedback providers based on real interactions. These relationships are not captured in a traditional organization structure.

Talent and Team Management

The Domain Nexus de-prioritizes job titles, org structures and private content, and identifies Key people and Communities by what they create and how people interact around it.

Soloists. Content creators and holders who are building individual knowledge.

Connectors. Producers with a high degree of network connections.

Influencers. Closely connected with other influencers to form a knowledge group.

Brokers. Bridge and repeat information across otherwise disconnected networks.

People who accelerate the flow of information are vital to the functioning of an organization, and a key factor in change initiatives. Those individuals are most influential within a certain domain and can accelerate speed of change. By knowing who they are retention strategies are targeted and effective. Monitoring these metrics over time, HR Leaders can measure the impact of Leadership and Talent programs.

The Nexus as a PRM Platform

The Domain Nexus is an API-first Technology platform which offers People Relationship management services to partners and customers. Predefined Integrations and interfaces make it possible to connect Data from your HR and Enterprise Collaboration System. The Domain Nexus offers ready to use services which allows our customers to utilize the full potential of their data and drive business outcomes for various.

Over to you. Work with the Nexus

We are currently seeking collaborators into our Nexus beta program.

If you are interested to work with the Nexus in your company to excel in company health, process automation, talent management or any area of employee engagement then please contact us