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The overview page is the face of your SAP Jam group – it’s the first thing people see when they join your group. Its job is to communicate what your group is about and to point people quickly to the things that matter most to them.

Because building an effective overview page is so important, we’ve created a new overview page designer that's even easier to use. The new designer makes creating and maintaining overview pages a snap – and gets you up and running faster than ever.

What’s in the new designer?

The new designer features a grid-like layout of content blocks that you can rearrange easily to add and remove columns and rows, change the width of blocks, and then easily add content by dragging and dropping it from your desktop. It includes many of the features from the previous editor and adds new features.

Grid layout. When you create your overview page, you can now select a grid that’s up to three columns wide, with as many rows as you need. For each row, you can select one, two, or three columns. If you select a row to have two columns, they can be of equal size or one can be larger than the other. You can resize the columns dragging the divider between the cells left or right – and it won’t affect any of the other rows. If you select a row to have three columns, the columns are automatically set to an equal size. If you wish, you can choose a premade layout when you create the page.

Easier content placement. There’s now a widget for everything: text, images, and videos. That’s in addition to the special dynamic content widgets that we’d already added for people, events, tasks, feed, related groups, content, and forums. Any content you add will automatically align to the top of the content block it’s in and resize to fill the entire width of the block.

Easier images. You can now drag and drop images directly from your desktop or choose an image from the content in your group.  SAP Jam will automatically resize the image to make it as big as the content block it’s in. You can crop the image and even zoom in to a specific area. Use the “Edit Image” dialog to link the image to a URL and add text overlay captions.

No need to use HTML. To make it simpler for people who aren’t familiar with HTML, we’ve removed the ability to add HTML when creating an overview page.  If you’re a power user and are comfortable with HTML and CSS, you can still use the old wiki editor, but you won’t have access to the new designer’s functionality.

Customize group templates and work patterns to business processes. You can now design a group template that matches your company’s unique business needs. After you build your overview page the way you want it, ask your company’s SAP Jam administrator to go to your group and create a template based on your group. The administrator can manage customized templates and turn off pre-built templates that your company doesn’t use.