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Master the mountain of cloud implementation information! If you’re looking to transition to a cloud-centric or hybrid solution for your SAP landscape, the preliminary research alone can be a challenge. Even the term “cloud” has layers to it. There are different types of cloud solutions:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Private cloud

Which one is right for you? Would it be best for you to combine different types of cloud with each other? How might you benefit from combining a cloud solution with an application deployed on-premise in your data center? How should you leverage application lifecycle management (ALM) innovation, SAP Cloud ALM?

Our series of managing hybrid solutions papers can help you get a grip on the data you need to make an informed decision. In the end, how you best set up and optimize your cloud-centric or hybrid solution must be an individual design for your unique needs. SAP has advised on thousands of customer cases and delivered projects. Through this knowledge and experience, we recorded critical best practices for managing a wide range of cloud solutions. These are available to you through a new series of papers (scroll down for abstract summaries on published papers):

  1. Hybrid Operations

  2. Service Delivery Infrastructure for the Intelligent Enterprise

  3. Monitoring, Managing and Improving Business Processes of SAP Customers

  4. Agile Implementation and Maintenance of SAP Solutions

  5. Support Processes for an Intelligent Enterprise (coming soon)

This blog will regularly update you with abstracts of the papers as they become available. The papers are scheduled to be released periodically ahead of SAP ALM Summit EMEA (October 6-9).

Abstract Summaries

Paper 1 – Hybrid Operations

This paper analyzes the different operations platforms in the ALM portfolio of SAP. It describes the functional scope with a special focus on managing hybrid landscapes. You will get support for selecting the best-fitting operations platform for your SAP landscape. This gets more and more important for customers on their way becoming Intelligent Enterprises, where multiple cloud solutions and on-premise systems collaborate.

Graphic from Hybrid Operations: Top down versus bottom up approach


Paper 2 – Service Delivery Infrastructure for the Intelligent Enterprise

The continuous evolution and adoption of the Intelligent Enterprise Suite and cloud services together with new service paradigms, leveraging business data and usage analysis instead of technical infrastructure evaluations, brings the necessity to adapt our Service Delivery Infrastructure to support the delivery of high value added services, supporting all deployment types of the solutions in an end-to-end hybrid landscape. This paper describes how you can best leverage the improved infrastructure to gain most value of the provided services.

Graphic from Service Delivery Infrastructure for the Intelligent Enterprise – Simplified Representation of the SAP Service and Support connectivity architecture


Paper 3 – Monitoring, Managing and Improving Business Processes of SAP Customers

SAP provides a holistic solution portfolio for customers to monitor, manage and improve productive business processes. Learn how SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (SAP Cloud ALM) and neighbouring business process management offerings provide valuable business process insights, enabling business success in digital transformation.

In the hybrid cloud, business users work with IT to innovate and transform business models, optimize or automate existing processes and monitor whether business processes are working as expected. The following business process management offerings help you with the TCO reduction, value realization and solution adoption, based on real solution usage.


Paper 4 – Agile Implementation and Maintenance of SAP Solutions

This document focuses on the process of agile implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions. The main goal is to standardize the implementation approach and provide a framework for customers to support their complete landscape covering on-premise solutions and cloud solutions, in order to reduce the total cost of implementations, accelerate them and make them more predictable as well as ensure an overall stable operations and maintenance after the first go-live. As mentioned in the introduction, the paper focuses on hybrid implementation covering a combination of on-premise and cloud solution, depending on the customer situation and implementation scope.

Graphic from Monitoring, Managing and Improving Business Processes of SAP Customers – Value chain diagram Hire-to-Retire


Note: Check back for more links and abstracts to papers as they become available!
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