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Product and Topic Expert
SAP Partners from the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region had the opportunity to explore the SAP Build solutions and how they are perfect to jumpstart the development of new Intellectual Property (IP) in the latest LAC edition of the Hack2Build, that occurred from March 7th to 14th. The participants brought a wide variety of use cases and SAP Build enabled each of them to, in a week’s time, learn and develop a high-fidelity prototype to be presented at the last day of the event, the Demo Jam.

The Hack2Build initiative from SAP is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive early-stage inspiration, use case exploration and technology adoption for SAP partners. In these events, partners validate their ideas, get coaching and support during the build of the prototype, and get hands-on experience with SAP Technologies. After the hackathon, they also explore how to package the solution and get ready for go-to-market.


The Participating Companies

Hack2Build: Create, Automate, and Design with drag-and-drop simplicity in SAP Build - LAC – March/2023 Participants

We were glad to welcome ten SAP partner companies with around 50 participants from seven countries in the region. Participated in this edition of the Hack2Build: BD Consultores, CSTI Corp, EY Brasil, Heinsohn Business Technology, Insaitas, LKM Tecnologia, Pampa Business Ideas, Pyxis, Seidor Brasil and Seidor Analytics.

Leveraging the Low Code/No Code features of SAP Build solutions, the participants prototyped use cases for a variety of industries, from retail to manufacturing. Some leveraged SAP Build Apps to create mobile solutions, some improved the efficiency using SAP Build Process Automation and some built real-time informative dashboards on SAP Build Work Zone. This wide range of targets shows how big is the opportunity to fulfill the customers’ essential needs or to alleviate their pain points with intelligent solutions.

Aligned with SAP’s strategy, the partner ecosystem evolves and updates so that the customer is always served with the best that SAP technology has to offer. This is made clear at each Hack2Build event, where partners demonstrate the innovation potential on their hands. They bring business challenges and value proposition based on real customer needs. The viability of their ideas has to be proven in a week’s time.

Initially, the SAP teams gathered with each partner to review the business use cases and prototype architecture. During the hackathon week, the partners went head down to learn and develop their innovations powered by SAP Build and supported by SAP experts. Finally, at the last day, they stood in front of the critical eyes of the judges to pitch their use cases and prototypes. Given the variety of the use cases and the high quality of the prototypes, the jury established fair criteria to determine the winners.

The most amazing aspect of the event was how fast SAP Build makes the development. These partners, even those who had no prior knowledge, managed to completely build their prototypes, some even having ideas of what to do next. The SAP Low Code/No Code solutions indeed enable the citizen developers.

Demo Day and the Panel of Judges

The participants made it to the final Demo Jam and showcased their inspiring innovative solutions to the audience. With only 10 minutes to present the Business Case and the functioning Prototype, they had an intense morning aiming to impress the Jury and answer their questions.

The Panel of Judges offered partners a diverse perspective and consisted of three SAP Subject-Matter Experts:

Panel of Judges

The judges were amazed by the showcases, given the constraints of such short time and high quality of the partner prototypes. They also had the chance to provide insights and feedback to each partner.

The Winners

Winner: Pyxis

Pyxis created the winning application branded Pricesense. It’s an Artificial Intelligence based pricing recommendation engine that helps companies to optimize their pricing strategy in real-time. Using a mobile app, the worker can review and apply the price recommendation.


First Runner-up: CSTI Corp

CSTI Corp showcased iCollect. It’s a multifaceted application that increases the efficiency of the company at the collection and sales management. The application has mobile offline access, account statement inquiries, payment and due date reminders and integrates to the ERP.


Second Runner-up: LKM Tecnologia

LKM presented the application named ECO Products, which is an application that targets the Sustainability of the company. Through the app, the user can view the ECO-score and Energy Efficiency of the company’s Materials.


The Voice from the Winners


“The Hack2Build events are extremely productive because we continue to incorporate knowledge, learn new things, and implement new tools and functionality, allowing us to improve the value proposition we offer our customers.

We developed an application that works as a solution to optimize prices in e-commerce using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive models.
The solution enables designated roles within the enterprise to provide feedback on pricing changes applied by AI and comments that are incorporated into the model to generate greater accuracy and efficiency. This feature facilitates collaboration by notifying users through SAP Build Process Automation and ensures model tuning, resulting in more informed and efficient pricing decisions.

SAP Build Apps allowed us to develop a quick method to interact with AI and provide this new source of human-based reviews. This increases the appeal of our AI product to existing SAP CX customers, rendering it an even more valuable asset for their e-commerce business needs.”


CSTI Corp:


LKM Tecnologia:


Beyond a Hackathon

As the intent of Hack2Build event is to help our partners to build their solution, the move to the next BUILD phase is critical for the partners to drive successful outcome with their innovations. Most of the partners plan to continue with their development and bring their solutions to customers as soon as possible.


We would like to thank all finalist teams, in no order, and the use cases they prototyped during this Hack2Build:

  • BD Consultores: a mobile app to simulate credit loans.

  • EY Brasil: Goods Receipt Verification – A mobile app that performs goods receipt and fiscal entry verification and may trigger the process in SAP S/4HANA​.

  • Heinsohn Business Technology: Management of Legalizations for SAP Business One – A mobile app that allows the management of a company’s legalizations with their respective expenses, including the approval process.

  • Insaitas: Test Drive Scheduler – An app to schedule test drives in agencies that also generates a lead in SAP Service Cloud.

  • Pampa Business Ideas: Management of Personnel Entry – An application to manage personnel requests through its various stages until final approval or rejection.

  • Seidor Brasil: GPT for CX – Usage of ERP transactional data to summarize and suggest actions using the chat feature of Open AI.

  • Seidor Analytics: Cost Advisor – An application to manage costs resulting from the usage of SAP BTP and other Cloud services.

To award the excellent work results presented, all the participant partner teams received digital badges by from SAP.

Virtual Selfie during the Demo Jam

We also would like to thank all the SAP teams and colleagues for their passionate and tireless commitment and the tremendous support they offered, which made this event possible! Kudos and special thanks to:

  • Carolina Bastos, João Cavalcanti and Rudolf Held for the executive support and event sponsorship.

  • João Silva, Renato Gandara and Thiago de Castro Mendes for acting as judges.

  • Eric Solberg, Iris Sasson, Kevin Liu, Rodrigo Riveros and Steven Jacobson for the great presentations.

  • Alessandro Biagi, Edward Neveux, and the SAP Build product teams for the great technical support throughout the event; and

  • All colleagues from SAP Partner Ecosystem Success and SAP Co-Innovation Lab for helping and supporting this event.

Thank you for your excellent support during all phases of the Hack2Build. We couldn’t have it done without your leadership, domain expertise, and dedication to the success of SAP and our Ecosystem.


SAP Hack2Build LAC Team 

Authors: Ronildo Santos and Lucas Rigo