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IoT was a major theme at SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 in Las Vegas. Here are replays of key sessions ICYMI.

Steve Lucas showed many real life examples of the Internet of things. The CTO of Flextronics joined Steve on stage to demonstrate smart gardening with sensors in plant that notify you when it needs to be watered. Steve also had Spyder cranes moving on stage that have embedded sensors on them. Using an anti-collision solution by SAP partner SK Solutions, these cranes are able to avoid collision and improve worker safety in construction zones. Finally, Steve showed a solution by HANA startup Early sense that uses data from sensors in hospital beds that measure patient vitals. Watch Replay

Björn Goerke shared how SAP HANA Cloud Platform will drive innovations in next-generation solutions like the Internet of Things. SAP customer Alliander showed how they use predictive maintenance to a

void catastrophes and to provide gas to millions of customers in a safe environment. Watch Replay

Michael Lynch presented SAP's strategy and vision for the Internet of Things for Business highlighting customer examples and key use cases such as predictive maintenance, connected logistics, connected cities, connected car and more. Watch Replay 

SAP InnoJam took place in Palo alto as a pre-conference activity. The theme for this years hackathon was: "IoT in Agriculture". The winners of the InnoJam from California California State University, Chico who built a Drone-Based Weed Control solution based on the premise that weeds consume water that is intended to go to the crops. Using a HANA database populated with weed types (per region) to identify the weed via an infrared sensor, weed control solution is dispensed directly onto the weed based on type, size and strength of solution needed.

Liveaction on the showfloor included a hacker space where developers hung out to built IoT prototypes from scratch. Watch this video to see what IoT experts did with toy cranes, drones and pumps. Watch video

Stay tuned for more Internet of Things news from SAP TechEd && d-code in Berlin.

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