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I'm thrilled to announce the latest release of SAP Jam, SAP's social collaboration solution that brings together people, information, applications, and processes to drive rapid results.  Since the launch of SAP Jam about 10 months ago, we've seen amazing subscriber growth and have focused on continuing the innovation.  This August release (1308) includes many customer-requested enhancements as well as some game-changing innovations.  Many thanks to our customers for their continued commitment, feedback, and guidance!

See how the latest release of SAP Jam can help you:

  • Create groups faster for repeatable processes with group templates: Get up and running quickly with topic-based group templates for mentoring, help and support, knowledge sharing, etc.
  • Make it easier to showcase your content and engage teams with dynamic content:  Highlight featured content, new questions or answers, new group members and more in your overview pages, wikis, and blogs
  • Drive action with new task management:  Get a complete view of your tasks, tasks you’re assigned, and tasks you’re following.  Manage tasks with multiple people, send reminders, and let team members know what you're working on today
  • Work faster with usability enhancements:  Reduce the time needed to get to important information

New: Topic-based group templates and overview pages for repeatable business activities

Imagine being able to create a well designed and organized help and support group within seconds for your new product that you're launching, or to set up a group to share best practices among HR leaders across the globe in the short break before you go into your next meeting.  The new group templates feature automates the initial setup of groups by providing a professionally designed group overview page layout with pre-configured dynamic content as well as overall structure for the group (such as pre-made forums and discussions) and folders (see image below).

The overview page on the screen (below) shows the “Mentoring and Coaching” layout for the group overview page. Other templates include: “Help and Support”, “Knowledge Sharing”, “Education Center”, “Team Collaboration” and “Topic based” with their own overview page layout and content structure. Once the group template is selected, the layout of the overview page can be modified fully such as adding/removing dynamic content, rearranging content, editing the HTML with the built-in WYSIWYG editor, etc. 

New: Dynamic content 

Tired of manually updating key content in a group to keep it fresh for team members?  Now SAP Jam enables you to incorporate dynamic content directly into your overview pages, wikis, and blogs.  Delivery of dynamic content, a key request from customers, is incorporated via widgets such as:

  • People widget - Shows most active members, featured members, or recently joined members
  • Feed widget - Shows content updates, forum events, or group status updates
  • Content widget - Highlights featured, all, last updated, most viewed, most liked content
  • Forum Widget  - Show questions and answers, ideas, or discussions

These widgets make it easy for users to keep pages up-to-date and engaging without having to constantly update  pages with new content. 

Below you can see “Popular Questions” in the forum widget.  Each time the page is viewed, the content is refreshed automatically, showing the latest information. In this example, Jam is showing the top 3 questions, based on number of views within a specific discussion topic and can be optionally configured to show questions with specific tags or type of question (Discussion, Question or Idea).


New:  WYSIWYG editor

With the new WYSIWYG editor, you can create beautiful and professional overview pages, wikis, and blogs.  Take advantage of  dynamic content by simply clicking on the widget tools to add to your pages, resize by dragging, and see your work before you publish.   You won’t need to constantly be editing or updating pages to include new content.  And no training required!

And for more advanced users, take advantage of HTML and the new table editor.  With the new table properties configurator, specify no border or specific border properties on the table easily, adjust the number of columns and rows when inserting a table, specify padding, spacing, alignment, width, height, border color, background color and table-tag CSS styling. Merge and split table cells from the table menu (handling of TD COLSPAN and ROWSPAN).  Specify per-cell, per-row and per-column styling from the table cell properties configurator.

New: Move work ahead with new task management and shared tasks

Also, by customer request is the new task management and shared tasks.  To deliver results and drive action, task management is essential. 

Users can now view all their tasks across all their projects easily, make updates, assign new tasks and send reminders from one place. You can see your open tasks, tasks assigned  to you, tasks you assigned to other people, tasks you’re following, and completed tasks. 

You can also assign shared tasks to multiple people.  Each person can track their part of the task themselves, and when all members of the shared task have marked their portion complete, SAP Jam will automatically mark the task as complete.

Keep that HR policy rollout on track, ensure that every manager reviews that new customer support policy, and keep your boss apprised of key deliverables you're working on.

And more...

  • SAP Jam on iPad
    • New updates allow viewing of overview and wiki pages, viewing of most documents and videos, as well as being able to navigate or browse through the content within the group while away from your desk.  Stay up to date while on the road!

  • Content preview 'lightbox'
    • Get to the content you need quickly from the feed with the new 'lightbox' capability.  Now when you click a document or image from the feed, a 'lightbox' appears as an overlay above the feed, allowing you to view, comment, assign tasks, tag, etc. on the document.  Then, when you’re done, you return to where you left off in the feed.  This save time by reducing the number of clicks needed to get to important information.
  • Content updates
    • Attach files to forum postings to provide more context on the question, answer, idea, or discussion. 
    • Preview .rtf. and .txt files directly inline in SAP Jam similar to how you can view Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents today.
    • Create private folders to limit access to sensitive discussions or content.