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Product and Topic Expert

You might have received an email from SAP Learning informing you that your C_HANATEC_XX or C_HCADM_XX certification has been retired, or you found this retirement information on the SAP Certification Transformation | SAP Learning page.

Both channels provide the correct information. In this BLOG I will explain the why and the future for the SAP HANA certification.


Why the change?

There are two main reasons for the retirement of C_HANATEC and C_HCADM.

  • SAP has transformed itself into a cloud company in recent years. This cloud vision is not reflected in the C_HANATEC certification, because this certification is based on an on-premises product. The C_HCADM would fit perfectly into the cloud vision, however, the accompanying learning material is hands-on based and not well suited for a full certification.
  • SAP Learning's certification strategy has changed from product-based to role-based certifications. The C_HANATEC_XX and C_HCADM are product-based certification.

To meet the cloud and role-based strategy of SAP, I decided to break with the old, retiring C_HANATEC and C_HCADM, and move forward to something new. The new certification C_DBADM - SAP Certified Associate - Database Administrator - SAP HANA is role-based and reflects the SAP cloud strategy.

The C_DBADM merges the old C_HANATEC and C_HCADM certifications into one certification.




This merge isn’t a simple 1 to 1 copy of both certifications. I made sure that all pure on-premises topics from the courses HA201 - High Availability and Disaster Tolerance Administration, HA250 - Database Migration Using DMO, and HA215 - Using Monitoring and Performance Tools were removed. The new cloud topics from the SAP Learning Journeys HC200 - Provisioning and Administering Databases in SAP HANA Cloud and HA2HC - Migrating SAP HANA to SAP HANA Cloud were added.

The Learning Journeys on are available for free to everyone interested in the SAP HANA knowledge.


The C_DBADM Topics

When you start studying for the C_DBADM_2404 the following topic areas are important:

Regardless of cloud or on-premises, an SAP HANA database administrator needs thorough knowledge of SAP HANA. This SAP HANA knowledge is conveyed in the theory chapters of the HA200 - Installing and Administering SAP HANA course. For this reason, the HA200 course remains part of the new C_DBADM certification.

In today's world, as an SAP HANA database administrator, you need to know your way around in cloud and on-premises. SAP HANA Cloud has many similarities to the SAP HANA platform, but there are differences. Hence, the HC200 - Provisioning and Administering Databases in SAP HANA Cloud is also part of the new C_DBADM_2404 certification.

A new and important skill, for the coming years, is the knowledge how to migrate from an on-premises SAP HANA database to an SAP HANA Cloud database. To make sure you gain this knowledge I included the HA2HC - Migrating SAP HANA to SAP HANA Cloud learning journey into the C_DBADM certification.

Another change is version numbering. The certification C_DBADM now has the YYMM version numbering. The C_DBADM became available in April 2024, so the name of the current certification is thus C_DBADM_2404. Next April, the C_DBADM_2504 will be released.


Do I need to recertify myself?

Now I need to give you the classic SAP answer … it depends.

The holders of a C_HANATEC_15 to C_HANATEC_18 certification will be automatically migrated to the Stay Certified program and will automatically receive the new certification C_DBADM - SAP Certified Associate - Database Administrator - SAP HANA. No further action needed.

If you hold only a C_HCADM_XX certification, you must recertify yourself in the C_DBADM_2404 to join the Stay Certified program.


The Stay Certified program

On the 2nd of April 2024 SAP Learning launched the Stay Certified program. The new SAP Certification program makes it easier and faster for you to gain and maintain the latest skills and valid credentials on the key SAP technologies and solutions for your job.

In the Stay Certified program, you only need to pass the C_DBADM certification once to become a certified database administrator. After passing the exam, you can renew the certification every year by passing the Stay Certified Assessment questions. The assessment questions are based on the Stay Certified material made available each year.StayCertifiedProgram.pngThe Stay Certified program offers you the opportunity to keep your certification up to date by answering questions on new SAP HANA topics each year via the Stay Certified assessment.

The Stay Certified program is SAP Learning answer to the frequently expressed desire from the learners to offer delta courses and delta certifications.