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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Plan to come a day early to learn how to Tame Big-Process Challenges with Intelligent Business Operations, Powered by SAP HANA”. This is a full day hands on workshop.

We all know that big processes are the lifeblood of companies but managing and getting insight into the runtime behavior of these processes is a daunting task. The problem just gets compounded with distributed processes and business networks. Imagine how much productive your business would be if they had visibility into all “in flight” processes  instances regardless if they running SAP transactions, business workflows, BPM, iFlows, or 3rd party applications.

Let me give you a real world customer example …

The company prides itself on customer service and its ability to fulfill orders within one to two days. Orders come in from a number of different channels and are processed thru CRM, ERP, and 3rd party warehouse application. Some of the daily business issues that arise are:

  • ·         Blocked Orders exacerbate an already tight delivery schedule. They need to either cancel the order or resolve the blocked order. Priority of handling of blocked orders should be given to preferred customers. The line of business needs to see the potential bottlenecks and work effectively by prioritizing the work items.
  • ·         Missing Good Receipt – the 3rd party warehouse does not always provide the Post Goods Issue in a timely manner which delays the corresponding invoicing and the payment process steps. Insight into orders missing a goods receipt allows the business to take prompt action to correct the situation.
  • ·         Order Visibility – Finding the status of the order as it traverses these different systems can be very time consuming. The company needs to know exactly where an order is, who is working on, and ideally when it will be completed.  If the order is behind schedule they may want to initiate remediation actions to get back on track or notify the customer of a delay and offer a discount, coupon, or free shipping to ensure repeat business.

The problems that I described are nothing new but what is new is the technology to put you back in control. No surprise – the HANA platform is the foundation for Intelligent Business Operations (IBO).What I personally find very rewarding about the  IBO approach, is that I leverage my existing know how of SAP systems and middleware and get to apply new technologies to solve a very real and pressing business problem. Stay tuned for an upcoming ASUG webinar showing IBO in action as well as further SCN posting to get a preview of the exciting new technologies that will be covering in the workshop.