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The Business Rule Management space started some years ago as a spin-off from the Business Process space. I've always told the marketing folks at SAP that business rules and business processes are two different things and that the one (rules and decisions) should not be seen only in the scope of the other (processes). It took some time for them to understand this. SAP BRM is often used in combination with SAP BPM. However, SAP DSM and BRFplus are mostly used within SAP business applications or as an alternative to custom code.

I was very happy when we finally opened the Business Rule Management space and I started answering forum posts and writing articles. Soon wolfgang.schaper and other members of the development team started to support me with contributions. Quickly, first users and consultants also became involved. Today, the Rule space has more than 400 followers which is pretty remarkable compared with the 530 followers of the BPM space (Sep, 2015). .

An online community only grows when members receive support. Support is given by amazing people who like to share their knowledge and help others who are experiencing pain and frustration. I would like to use this blog to thank all of the contributors! A special thanks goes to the top contributors. You can find those from the last 12 months in the following diagram. Unfortunately, I do not have any numbers for the time before that but I still remember rahul.tiwari6, lee.chisholm and others being very active some years ago.

At the moment christian.lechner leads the pack with clear margin. Not only is he very involved, but he also provides high quality answers in the forum. So I asked him to become a moderator. To my satisfaction, he promptly accepted and joined jocelyn.dart and me.

Welcome Christian to the team of moderators!