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Dear All,

In the last months I indentified several incidents reporting Syntax errors in BW objects (Message no. RG102).
The ones that appear with more frequency are related with DSO and Transformation activation:

1. Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSODSO_ACTIVATE, row xxx (-> long text)
Message no. RG102

Message no. RG102

3. Syntax error 'GP_ERR_RSAPTH3, row 30 (-> long text)
Message no. RG102

4. Syntax error in RSCDELTA, row 241 (-> long text)
Message no. RG102

For these errors the following notes/instructions were created:

Syntax error 1:
2100403 - Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSODSO_ACTIVATE during activation of DSO

Syntax error 2:
2326505 - Activation of transformation fails with error: Type "_B_1_ADS_T" is unknown
2253173 - Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSTRAN_MASTER_TMPL for rule type ADSO LOOKUP
2152631 - 730SP14: Syntax error during activation of Transformations
2124482 - SAP BW 7.40(SP11) Activation failed for Transformation
1946031 - Syntax error GP_ERR_RSTRAN_MASTER_TMPL during activation of transformation
1933651 - Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSTRAN_MASTER_TMPL for rule type "Time Distribution"
1919235 - "Syntax error in routine" of a migrated transformation/during migration
1889969 - 730SP11:Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSTRAN_MASTER_TMPL for RECORDMODE
1816350 - 731SP8:Syntax errors in routines or Assertion failed during activation of transformation
1762252 - Syntax error in GP_ERR_RSTRAN_MASTER_TMPL

Syntax error 3:
484370 - Syntax error during activation of BW730 HIER data sources
2113639 - Activation of Hierarchy DataSource - GP_ERR_RSAPTH3

Syntax error 4:
For this error there is no note, because this is a very specific error that results from inconsistency on Delta queues after System Copy or PCA procedure. For solve the issue it is necessary to re-run the PCA or the system copy.