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Actions Project built using API Business Hub Enterprise as a supported consumption source will provide the capability to explore, consume and access business and enterprise data connected across various landscapes from the customer’s API Business Hub Enterprise application.

More Information on API Business Hub Enterprise and its usability is available here.


Parent Blog

Actions Editor – Feature List, Usage and Creation/Maintenance of Actions Project


The official help document Creating an Action Project via API Business Hub Enterprise is available here. It also has details on key prerequisites below to allow the creation of an Action project with API Business Hub Enterprise.

  1. Access to API Business Hub Enterprise application.
    • If you want to access API Business Hub Enterprise from SAP Integration Suite, you would need a subscription to the Integration Suite.
  2. Generation of a service key.
  3. Creating a destination for the API Business Hub Enterprise instance with the configurations and additional properties illustrated below.


Destination Configuration




Enter the name of your choice.




Enter an optional description for your destination.


URL of the API Business Hub Enterprise application.

Proxy Type




Client ID

Provide the value of the clientid field from the service key you created.

For more information, see Creating Service Key.

Client Secret

Provide the value of the clientsecret field from the service key you created.

For more information, see Creating Service Key.

Token Service URL Type


Token Service URL

Provide the value of the url field from the service key you created.




Additional Properties








Note: URL, Client ID, Client Secret and Token Service URL should be entered correctly to ensure that the destination works fine.


Selection of Destination

The Action Designer can navigate to the API Business Hub Enterprise source by first selecting Integration Suite, and then API Business Hub Enterprise in the Actions creation dialog. Next, the user can select the preferred available destinations that have been set up using the above prerequisites. These destinations would connect with the API Business Hub Enterprise instances. A sample illustration is shown below.



Selection of Product

Based on the API Business Hub Enterprise destination, a list of products will be shown. The Action Designer can choose a specific product for their use case.



Selecting the API

Based on the selected product, the Action Designer can choose an API from the available list of API’s.



Review the Methods for the API

The Action Designer can now review the methods/operations that are available within the chosen API.



Create the Action Project

Finally, the Action Designer can create the Action Project using the API chosen in the last step. The project name and description will be populated by default based on the name and description of the chosen API. The Action Designer can modify these details based on their choice before creating the project.

After the Action Designer clicks on the Create button, the system will validate the OpenAPI specification standards in the attached specification. If the validation is successful, the Action Project will open in a new tab of the browser. If the validation fails, Lobby will display an error to the Action Designer.



Testing an Action

After successfully creating the project, the Action Designer will follow the regular steps to select, edit and save details of a selected Action. Before testing the Action, the Action Designer will need to create a new runtime destination. The details required to create the runtime destination are shown below and more details can be seen in the Test tab of the Action Editor. After creating the runtime destination, the Action Designer can test the Action following the regular steps.



Thanks for reading! I hope this post helped you to understand the concept of leveraging API Business Hub Enterprise for the creation and consumption of an Action Project. Please feel free to leave a comment if there are any questions and I would be happy to receive any feedback.



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