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SAP Jam Collaboration is an enterprise social collaboration platform. It allows emplopyees to easily produce, share and consume digital contents in intranet. It makes accessing to experts and knowledge easier by connecting people and contents via groups. The main features are listed as below.

  • feeds

  • blogs and wikis,

  • document, audio, video

  • forum

  • public or private group

  • polls, planning and decision making tools

Now let's take a tour to experience SAP Jam Collaboration.

Create content

Go to the group where you want to store your conents. Click the Create button and choose a content type. Or you can upload a file, for example Presentations, videos, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word document, PDFs, text file, zip file, and image.

Blog posts can only be modified by the blog post's creator or a group administrator while wiki pages allow editing by every group member.

With comparison to blog posts and wiki pages, knowledge base articles can be assigned with categories。


You can search for different type of items across groups. If you want to search for items in current group, you can choose the option "This Group's Content" or "This Group".

When you type in the search box, the top matched items are presented automatically in the drop list.

The search results are grouped by category. Each category only shows top items. You can sort search results by relevance or date. Advanced search by attribute, including Author, Group, Tag, is also provided.

You can refine the search by filtering by category.

Filtering by date range is also possible.

If you enter into a group, you can filter contents by categoy, language, title or tags.

Go to Knowledge Base page, you can search for knowledge base articles across groups. Besides search term, you can refine the search scope by attribute Author, Group, Tag, Category and Time range.

Type ahead search is supported in knowledge base search.

The search result can be sorted by relevance, date and rating.

Rate content

You can rate a content, such as blog, wiki page, knowledge base article, etc. The rating can be done for a content item only once by a group member. You cannot cancel the rating after it's done.

You can view the number of members who rated the content, average rating score for the content item and distribution of the stars.