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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The new SQL Analyzer is now available to use with Business Application Studio in addition to the Visual Studio Code plugin. The SQL Analyzer is a tool to visualize and analyze the SQL statement execution plan. The Business Application Studio extension is for SAP HANA Cloud while the Visual Studio Code plugin is for the SAP HANA Platform running on-premise.

First, let me guide you on how to start using the SQL Analyzer from the Business Application Studio.

When creating the SAP HANA Native Application Dev Space enabling the SAP HANA Performance Tools extension as part of the dev space.


It will enable the SQL Analyzer extension as part of Business Application Studio. The SQL Analyzer can be activated from the left menubar


Currently, the live connection to SAP HANA Cloud is not provided with the initial release of the SAP HANA Performance Tools. The feature will be available once the SAP HANA Database Explorer is natively available to connect directly to SAP HANA Cloud. Until then, the PLV file needs to be loaded to the dev space project folder for analysis.

To upload PLV files, we need to create a project folder to upload using the explorer and click the more (...) menu from the PROJECTS which displays the popup menu and select New Folder to create a project folder for PlanViz files.

I will name this folder PlanViz as below

After the folder is created, Use the control (key) + mouse click to display the below popup menu and click upload files and select the PLV file(s) to upload.


Once the file is uploaded, we will switch to the SQL Analyzer extension using the left menu bar and click on the PLAN GRAPHS + menu to select the PLV file uploaded.

Once the plus menu is clicked, click the Planviz folder and then the PLV file to start the Plan Graph Analysis.

The PLV is loaded for plan analysis as shown below.


I will explain how to use the new SQL Analyzer for the next blog.