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From the Java web Report, You export to CSV . The Exported file contains special/different characters in between the text


  1. Execute the Query/Template in the Java Portal
  2. Click on Export to CSV and open the CSV file ,you see the special characters which are not recognized, different language or symbols in between the text  


Excel automatically uses the data format ANSI to open files. The server creates the CSV file with the data format UTF-8 if it uses Unicode.


To open the CSV file, always use the Excel import wizard and specify UTF-8 or UTF-16 as the data format.

How to do this ?

1. Open a new Instance of Excel.

2. Click on Data:

3. Next Select “From Text”

4. Next Select the .CSV file from file system:

5. Select “UTF-8” as the encoding:

6. Click next and select the relevant separators:

7. Click on Finish