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Getting a handle on the social media buzz about your company can feel overwhelming. Depending on your level of social media presence, a single product or brand can accumulated hundreds or thousands of posts per day on Facebook, Twitter, and other forums. But use social media conversations and data to develop keen customer insights, and you’ll be in a position to refine your product and service offerings, enhance go-to-market strategies, and drive additional revenue.

Social Media Analytics

At the moment, Facebook is the king of social media, and its free Facebook Insights provides basic usage metrics. However, for in-depth analysis, you’ll want powerful analytic tools that use big data to drive significant customer, product, and brand insights. SAP Social Media Analytics is an on-demand, subscription-based solution that powerfully gauges net sentiment – the net result of analytics related to virtually any topic mentioned on social media sites.

With SAP Social Media Analytics you can:

  • Monitor brand health more frequently and with fewer resources
  • Understand more than just positive and negative sentiment
  • Gain visibility into customer behavior and emotion
  • Measure the social media impact of marketing campaigns and events
  • Track awareness of external risks – such as social media awareness of health issues associated with an ingredient uses in your product
  • Understand what is being said about your competitors
  • Measure brand equity

The application's sophisticated, natural-language processing (NLP) engine extracts insights from social media postings by reading, analyzing, and normalizing content. Unlike statistical keyword matching, this approach determines not only sentiment but deeper insights including opinions and emotions.

The solution starts by reading and diagramming every sentence it indexes – flashback to your fourth-grade English class – identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives. It then categorizes this content according to posters’ opinions, emotions, and behaviors. In addition, it can understand:

  • Slang – for example, recognizing as positive a comment such as “My new phone is sick!”
  • Alternative spellings – for example “luv,” “kewl,” or “gr8”
  • Often-used shorthand – for example, “IMHO” or “TTYL”
  • Common misspellings – for example “teh/the”

Rapid Insights

By using the SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA, companies can quickly achieve a comprehensive view of business-relevant data across employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, better supporting business decisions and strategy.

The rapid-deployment solution approach is perfect for companies that want the latest in analytics or social media technology, but aren’t sure where to start. SAP delivers powerful metrics and analysis through predefined exploration views and dashboards, while tapping into popular social networking environments with preconfigured interfaces – meaning that you can deploy in as little as four weeks.

Social Media Analytics in Use Today

SAP Social Media Analytics is a real-time, always-on resource that can serve as an invaluable early warning indicator of emerging trends or crises. It provides measurable benefits to the following organizations today:

  • The American Red Cross uses social media to find influential donors and volunteers – highlighting those with lots of friends and followers on social networks. It can also spotlight influencer opinions to build community and enhance bonds with the charity.
  • Rather than just tracking positive and negative comments, Kraft Foods listens to how customers interact with its products. For example, by tracking what new recipes customers are trying, Kraft keeps recipe ideas on its packaging fresh and current.
  • It's also important to seize on viral social media attention – assuming it’s positive. Procter & Gamble did just that in late February 2012, when workers at the Daytona 500 were shown on national TV using Tide detergent to clean the track after a crash and fuel spill. The company quickly seized on the unexpected but positive social media buzz by producing a related TV commercial within days.

The SAP Social Media Analytics solution pulls valuable consumer, market, and competitive insights from the social Web and delivers it to your fingertips. Use it to quickly address complaints and service requests while amplifying the positive sentiments of satisfied customers.

For background, please read my other article Discovering Big Value from Social Media Big Data.

Learn More

SAP solutions for social media big data help you process, store, analyze, and distribute everything you need to make the most of your data, unlocking hidden opportunities. To learn more about how SAP Services can help you craft a social media strategy, identify key metrics, and use SAP Social Media Analytics to gauge net sentiment, visit us at

What metrics are you using to measure social media impact?