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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

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As we enter Q2 of 2024 we bring you some exciting and eagerly anticipated new features in SAP Analytics Cloud. We will first take a sneak peek in to our Top 5 features in QRC2 2024. A full list of what is coming can be found on our Roadmap Explorer or the Product Plan.

Unified Story Presentation Mode

Digital Boardroom was always a popular feature in SAP Analytics Cloud. The Presentation Mode aims to bring the main features that are available with the traditional Digital Boardroom directly into the Optimized Experience. These include: 

  • Import of Story Pages: it allows a Designer to re-use content as their own. There is an option to re-import the page when we detect there has been an update
  • Building a Presentation Structure: it can be flat (by default) or configure a tree structure with Topics and Subtopics
  • Customizing the Presentation Mode Experience: option to configure the Toolbar, Default Viewer, and Navigation Panel State
  • Present Mode: brand new Present Mode with a simplified toolbar (if configured) and side panel navigation

Presentation Mode.png

Lite Viewer for Present Mode is supported for Flat Presentations. NOTE the same limitations for Lite Viewer still apply and will cause a re-direct to the Full Viewer.

Learn more about Unified Story Presentation Mode in this blog post by @Tunir 

Integrating KPI tiles in SAP Mobile Start

An exciting new feature coming this quarter is the ability to consume Analytical KPIs when on the move.  Now, you can see your SAP Analytics Cloud business KPIs in SAP Mobile Start.

The KPIs are shown on the respective tile or widget, and you can easily navigate to the details (analytical story) by tapping on them. Based on the configuration, analytical stories can be opened within the native SAP Analytics Cloud app or within the embedded web view of SAP Mobile Start.

Mobile Start.png

For further details check out this great blog by @ThiloBerndt 

Rank with others – view top-N and bottom-N in comparison to other data points

An eagerly anticipated feature from our Customers is the ability to Rank with Others for Charts. In this quarter we will support an option for the Story Designer and Story Viewer to define a rank with others. It will be supported for:

  • Charts with Flat Dimension(s)
  • Charts with Measures with Base Aggregation
  • Define a Rank with Others on Multiple Axes

Others can be placed last (Top N) or first (Bottom N):

  • It can be renamed
  • We will NOT allow you to expand the others node or interact with it (i.e. Linked Analysis, Filter, Exclude, and so on)


Data analyzer – export to PDF with the option to fit columns to page width

We continue expanding the feature and functions of Data analyzer by adding the ability to export data as a PDF file using the new option in the dialog to fit the columns to the page width.

Data Analyzer.png

Plan Process Management - notifications management

An important new feature in notification management within planning is the ability for the system administrator to further customize how and when users will receive notifications. They can now provide granular control over which calendar events will initiate email or in-application notifications. 

Highlights include:

  • Configurable for all key calendar actions/events for both user-driven and automated tasks
  • Default notification settings configurable by role (i.e., Owner, Assignee/Review, Viewer)
  • Control delivery method (i.e., In-App and/or Email)
  • Quick selection to enable/disable All notifications


There are plenty more exciting deliverables coming your way this quarter and we will be taking a deeper dive into these items in our What’s New video and blog series so stay tuned. For a full list of all features coming in QRC2 2024 for SAP Analytics Cloud check out the Roadmap Explorer and Q2 2024 Product Plan.

Want to experience new and existing features for yourself? Take the leap and start your journey towards making data-driven decisions with confidence by signing up for a free trial, today.#sap #sapanalytics