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The user can upload and save attachments in the Business Workplace or in the Generic Object Services (GOS) attachment list. No size restriction exists for these attachments.

In this Blog post, I will guide you to restrict size of the file when uploading documents to the Business Workplace or the GOS attachment list

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Execute the Transaction Code SO16 and Navigate to Document org. tab.

  2. Enter the file size(in KB) you would like to restrict in the field "Import is aborted if document is larger than" and save.

  3. When you try to upload file of size more than restricted size you will get below message and the file upload will not be successful. For example if you enter the file size restriction to 6 MB and you will try to attach the file having size 8 MB then system will not allow and throw below message:


Note : If you do this setting in the system then the system will not allow any attachment having size greater than the allowed size for any of the document like PR,PO,SES etc. or any mail attachment.


By changing the above setting you will be able to restrict the size of the attachment.

Hope this will be useful. Happy Learning!