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I want to share the following information in this place, because SAP Solution Manager is also the Service Desk. And it also possible to improve it by using KNOA.

SAP UEM by Knoa has a number of features to monitor user actions in SAP applications. In addition to identifying the gaps in knowledge of end-users, to control processing in the systems and other benefits of the SAP UEM, I would like to share capabilities that support staff can get in their daily work, using a Knoa solution, in this article.

For example, employees of SAP application support often have some difficulties in communication with the end-users in terms of opportunities and correctness of description the users action procedure that led to the error. One of the basic SAP UEM features - a «log» of user's actions in the system - allows you to identify a user's actions, just before the error occurred, and it can help in accurate diagnosis of the error cause.

So what are the typical problems exist in the support working process? What solutions can offer SAP UEM by Knoa?

Problem areas of the functional support

     Too many tickets for level 2 support and level 3 support

A large number of incidents transferred to 2/3 support line because of the inability to understand the mistakes in the business process.

     Security requests and access issues to SAP systems

A large number of support calls on security issues and access to SAP, without explanation of permission needs.

     The lack of detailed information about the error

When contacting support, many users do not indicate sufficient information about the error.

     The lack of details required for the incident reproducing

Most end users indicate a lack of information about the procedure that led to the error.

   Time is spent on searching of missing information

Much time is spent on communication with the user, that sent a message, to find out the missing information.

     User errors that are not related to systems performance

Most of the errors aren’t related to the SAP system performance. They are related to the wrong users actions.

     Support engineers can't get the data about the user workflow

The inability for support staff to have access to the detailed data about the users in real-time.

     Customer support system is not aimed at identifying and resolution the root causes of the errors

All Service Desk systems is focused on the processing of the requests (incidents), rather than to identify and solve the root causes of errors.

What can SAP UEM by Knoa offer?

     Dashboards allow you to identify the most important errors

SAP UEM by KNOA provides reporting, allowing support staff to proactively analyze the importance of the problem and fix the most important.

     Availability of the detailed information on user workflow

Availability of the report with detailed information about the working process of the user, including the time, place and details of the errors.

     Reports notify about the error

Knoa Reporting allows you to notify the number of errors that occur, it allows you to immediately solve problems and prevent their wide distribution.

   Statistical information about users that are often wrong

SAP UEM by KNOA allows users to identify users who commit a large number of errors. The analysis of Knoa reports allows you to determine the causes that may be related to the system, or with the working process of the user.

    Detection and identification of problems will fix them at an early stage

Identification of mistakes will eliminate the cause of their appearance before the creation of the Service Desk request, which will significantly reduce the amount of incidents created.

   Detailed analytics reduces the time to resolution of incidents

Being able to see the user's actions, which led to the error, as well as statistics on errors, reduces the time to find the causes of the problems and their solutions.

    Exempt resources for analytical work and improvement of support processes

Detailed analytics on all the actions of users, accessible in real time, will reduce the time to resolution of incidents, and free up resources for analytical work and improvement of support processes.

    Increased user satisfaction

SAP UEM by KNOA can improve user satisfaction and reduce the number of support calls.

These are the main benefits for the Service Desk that you can get using SAP UEM by KNOA. If you go back to the problems, that were listed in the previous section, it is now possible to bring them solutions in the following table:



Number of requests

Reduction due to the early detection of errors and their causes analysts

Security requests and access issues to SAP systems

Display all missing authorization errors and detection of their causes

The lack of detailed

Detailed reporting allows you to identify the details of the error.

Incident reproducing

User workflow report allows you to see the action that led to the error

Searching of missing information

Knoa Reporting makes it possible not to spend time on communication with the end user

User and System errors

Sorted errors, allowing to identify the actual functional error or incorrect end-user action

Details about users actions

The ability to go to the detailed report on the user workflow from the incident

Root causes of errors

SAP UEM by KNOA can't identify the root cause immediately, but provide detailed analytics to identify it

Using Knoa Reporting

You can obtain all above mentioned benefits after analyzing of data collected from the end users, using standard Knoa reports. There are both, a higher-level analytics via dashboards to help you choose the problem area, as well as more detailed information reports that allows you to get the result of the analysis in figures and names.

Nowadays the standard Knoa reporting has more than 50 different reports, here are some examples:

The Service Desk functionality customization

Except of standard Knoa reports the development of Service Desk user interface can be very useful. It can be CRM-interface of SAP Solution Manager or any other one used in the company. Simple development will allow Service Desk staff go directly from the incident to one of the Knoa reports, allowing to see the working process of end user – the author of the incident. It allows to see the actions that preceded the error very quickly. So there’s no need to waste your time on long communication with the user, that created the incident, to find out “which button he pressed?”.