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As we know, there is a contract made between IT department and business departments that outlines the service level agreement. To maintain transparency this report needs to be shared with the business department (or any other customers) at regular intervals.

The channel to share this report may vary from organization to organization. Some do it by providing display access to Service Availability tool to the business users. The business users can see the availability data for various periods and drill down in the report.

Then there are some other organizations who send the availability reports in a spreadsheet.

This is how the availability reports are extracted into Microsoft Excel in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

  1. To get the overall service availability for reporting periods.

Figure 1 : From the Overview Charts, follow the numbered steps to download MS Excel file

Figure 2 : Monthly reporting

  1. To drill down and present daily availability, double click on Availability charts and repeat the steps. You can see the availability data per day.

Figure 3 : Drill Down view for monthly reporting. You can see the gradual dip in availability



You can follow this link to find out more about Service Availability Management.