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On September 29th, we presented the webinar: Search and Data Exploration with SAP Analytics Cloud.  A big thank you to all who were able to attend.  Here is a blog summarizing the webinar.

This blog contains answers to all the questions asked during the webinar.  We’ve grouped the questions and answers under topic headers and have consolidated some questions to make them easier to read.

SAC Search to Insight

Do we need to create a model before using Search to Insight in SAC?
The data model needs to be defined first and that is how SAC knows what measures and dimensions are available to search and explore from the data source.  If you want to learn more about modeling, you can view past webinars on this topic here:

In my tenants "Search to Insight" there is no "right click" available?
We used a demo tenant which is on our fast track bi-weekly update schedule. The right click ability on Search to Insight will be available for customer tenants after Q4 QRC is released.

When enabling Search to Insight indexing on a model built on a live connection, which data is uploaded to SAC besides metadata? Is dimension data uploaded to SAC?
Metadata and member values are uploaded and indexed. That is why you need to toggle Search to Insight on manually for Live data models. No fact data is uploaded to SAC

SAC Explorer

Can I change the order of the Dimension facets?  Not A-Z or Z-A?
Ability to reorder dimension facets is in our roadmap and is planned for release soon.

Do the blogs on SAC Explorer will be updated as SAC updates are released?
Yes there will be some updates on this blog

Is it possible to create custom measure in Explorer?
You can switch from explorer view to story view (just clicking toggle top left) to create custom measures and dimensions.

How you easily make exploration compare time against time?
Have a look at this blog

Are we able to run a sort on a rank in live connection?
A classification is by definition a sort.

Does SAC show the number of rows on the Facet view?
You can show measure values in the facet view but not count of rows

In BusinessObjects Explorer we can implement a row-level security by using the personalization feature. Can we do the same in SAC?
In SAC you can implement the row-level security at the level of a SAC model. You can have a look at this blog for more details:

What are the feature gaps between SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and SAC Explorer?
Today we feel that SAC Explorer can fulfill 95% of the BusinessObjects explorer capabilities. The only one missing is ability to launch explorer in standalone mode. Today, you have to create a Story first before you can explore the data.  We have ability to open story in explorer mode coming soon (planned H12020) and then standalone explorer will have to come later.

Can we do data manipulation/transformation like joining data, adding formulas when searching or exploring in SAC?
Data manipulation and preparation is done during the creation of the data model.  You first create a data model and then you can explore and search the data available in the model.

Why the minimum number of licenses is 25?
Please ask your account manager to get this information


What kind of connection did you use for the SAC Explorer demo?
A Live HANA Connection was used for the Search to Insight and Explorer demonstration. But you can use SAC Explorer with a BusinessObjects live universe connection.


They were also other questions not related directly to the Webinar

SAC Planning

What is the difference between BPC and Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
We have BPC version 10.1. Do you recommend SAC as the replacement for BPC?
Please let us know how good is planning with SAC compare to BPC planning.
What is the best tool for Planning and consolidation on BPC vs. SAC?
SAC Analytics Cloud planning is not the legal successor of BPC, it’s a different offer built on public Cloud. It does not offer financial consolidation.
You cannot compare a mature product as BPC (15+++ years old) with SAC which is built on a completely new technology, and not mature. Even though on last 24 months the planning in SAC has been really enhanced with advanced planning capabilities as Data actions (to cover the scenarios covered in the past in BPC by the script logics) improvements, calendar, Value Driver tree, Excel add on …

Migration Services

For Implementation Migration Service, are there any services for Crystal or WEBi reports?
No at this time. We have for the moment a migration service that applies to SAP Lumira, SAP Dashboard and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer


What about Lumira? Shouldn't we plan to migrate to SAC also that ASAP?
I will recommend to evaluate what are the Lumira reports that you can migrate to SAC. As you may know Lumira is in maintenance mode and all the investment effort is put on SAC

When is the end of life for Lumira?
For Lumira 2.4, 2022 is the end of mainstream maintenance and 2024 is the end of priority 1 maintenance.  See SAP Note:
There are no plans at this point for a Lumira 2.5 version but there will be patches and fixes to the Lumira 2.4 version in the next few years though.

SAP Analytics Cloud Auditing

Can we have audit information on a SAC tenant?
In SAC, the System Monitor provides a number of interactive dashboard-style overviews of the key areas of usage and performance that a system administrator needs to monitor.

Sharepoint integration in SAP Analytics Cloud

I know a lot of BOBJ customers integrate with SharePoint, is that possible with SAC cloud?
Not right now but this is in our roadmap

Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Where to find more information on data modeling in SAC?
If you are interested in learning more about data prep and modeling, you can find past webinars on this topic here:

Why are most of the options (e.g. sorting) missing, when using a live connection to BW? import models have much more possibilities
Features that require manipulation of data is trickier for Live models because we have to manipulate the data without importing any data into SAP Analytics Cloud.  Import data models are easy because SAC can manipulate the data directly.  We are constantly improving and expanding our support for Live models though.

Can we import data from SAP Marketing Cloud in SAC ?
You can import data from SAP Marketing Cloud via the S/4HANA Import Connection.  Just select your SAP Marketing Cloud CDS query view when defining your import data model.

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Hi Fabien,

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

A question related SAC Explorer

Can I change the order of the Measures facets?  Not A-Z or Z-A? Or Custom? (having live connection to HANA/CDS)
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Hi Sayed,

No you can't for the moment

Kind Regards

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Thanks Fabien. Any plans that it will be in future releases? This is most asked feature by the end users when they are using explorer mode.
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This is already delivered as part of 2020.15. Are you saying you are not able to rearrange ?


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Yes, we still cant see this in the Explorer Mode. Current Version 2020.21 and using live connection to CDS and Enterprise HANA. The sort or arranging or even searching the values from the list is not available.
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I am using BW4HANA and i can see this function working. Update note didn't mentioned any this specific to connection. This may ask for incident with SAP Support. Unless there is a need for updating documentation.
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Looks like the order of changing the Measure facets still not available. I am working on a dashboard where we need to add explore view and trying to add a custom ordering with Measures (this is easy if we are having a table, then from builder paned in measures we can add custom order) still can see A-Z, Z-A and Default Order only and no option to edit member order in Measures. 


If we are having table then we have below options.


With Explorer view no options in builder panel.



Any advice please.... this is with HANA Live connection,