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Dear Reader,

It is with immense pleasure and a deep sense of gratitude that we write to you about our extremely successful SAP Internet of Things (IoT) ASUG preconference at SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2016. The event was SOLD OUT and we did not have an empty seat in the room; filled with prospects, customers, partners and SAP employees representing customers and partners wanting to learn more about the Internet of Things and SAP plans related to IoT. Read this detailed report to get all the information about what passed at the preconference.

Leverage IoT to Enable Digital Transformation for Your Enterprise

For over 40 years, SAP has been helping customers map their journey through digital transformation. No one has more knowledge and experience in business processes, while giving our customers a 360° view of their entire business operation. IoT has the potential to drive the largest segment of growth in new business value with the right solution infrastructure. SAP can help you know where opportunities exist, evolve your business processes to take action, and create new business value and ecosystem advantages.

SAP Internet of Things Preconference

Preconference Open and Welcome with Pushkar Ranjan

We had a very diverse audience show up for the SOLD OUT IoT preconference. Some of the numbers are highlighted below:

  • Participant Profile
    • SAP Customer - 73%
    • SAP Partner - 16%
    • SAP Prospect - 11%
  • Top 5 Industry
    • Consumer Products - 13%
    • Aerospace and Defense - 13%
    • Industrial Machinery and Components - 11%
    • Professional Services - 9%
    • Public Sector - 9%
  • Top 3 Geographies
    • North America - 51%
    • Asia Pacific & Japan - 20%
    • Europe, Middle East & Africa - 18%

How to get started with the Internet of Things with Dina Dayal

SAP is helping customers in their Internet of Things and Digital Transformation journey.  From Operational Efficiencies to cutting costs to new business models and ecosystems, the possibilities are endless.  We will share our engagement framework that helps our customers begin to leverage their assets they own today and integrating them with IoT Sensor Data for new insights and business outcomes.  Be an IoT Leader in your industry.

Dina walked the audience through the design thinking framework that can be leveraged to discover and fulfill IoT needs within an enterprise. The surprise finding was that more than 90% of the audience did not know how to start thinking about IoT. One of the key takeaways was the immense opportunity to further evangelize design thinking of IoT among the SAP prospects and customers.

Link to Presentation

SAP Internet of Things Product Strategy with Eva Zauke

IoT offers a unique opportunity across all lines of business. In this session we will share the overall SAP strategy for IoT covering SAPs strategic intent, outline how SAPs offerings will evolve in the future, and cover partner strategies as well.

Eva offered an excellent overview of the products that make up the SAP IoT solution portfolio, highlighting some of the customers that are benefitting from the deployment of the solutions as part of their business operations brining OT (sensor) data together with IT (business software) data together in the same instance to close the loop across machines that power up the business and the various actors that interact with the business leveraging the business enterprise software solutions.

Link to Presentation

SAP Internet of Things - from Things to Outcomes with Nayaki Nayyar

Organizations are embarking on digital transformation to embrace the new hyper connected world where every physical object can be replicated as a digital twin leveraging the Internet of Things. Businesses are increasingly interested in tapping into all manner of sensor data to provide amazing customer experiences. SAP has a simple value proposition of getting businesses from Things to Outcomes with the SAP IoT platform and solutions to be able to help businesses tap a disproportionate share of wallet of consumer spending while keeping costs low and operations humming smoothly.

Nayaki did an excellent interactive session with the audience in talking them through the SAP IoT strategy of getting from Things to Outcomes covering off the SAP IoT platform, solutions and how SAP intends to work closely with the IoT ecosystem of partners to create next generation end to end business scenarios bringing together the physical and digital world to help business undertake digital transformation from the shop floor to the top floor.

Link to Presentation

Customer Outcomes leveraging the Internet of Things

Connected Logistics and Vehicles with Rakesh Gandhi and Michaela Degbeon

SAP’s IOT Strategy for Transportation, Logistics and Automotive segment. IoT provides an unique opportunity transportation industry, Automobile, Fleet operators, Leasing companies and logistics providers to build a connected vehicle based solution to help improve, customer service, gain real time visibility to vehicle, improve and transportation network’s efficiency and productivity. Thus enabling a true customer centric processes to help grow top line revenue, cost optimization and operation efficiency with SAP IOT Platform & solutions e.g. Vehicle Insights, Predictive Maintenance, Network Logistics hub and SAP IOT Platform.

Link to Presentation

Connected Assets with Bryan Hicks and Ken Pierce

Learn how SAP’s Connected Asset solutions provides the digital bridge for IT/OT Convergence.  Discover how SAP’s new solution, HANA IoT Connector by OSIsoft and IoT Foundation provides access to operational data to bring business context to OT data giving you the means to drive the digital transformation leveraging IT/OT convergence. SAP Asset Intelligence Network and the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution help equipment manufacturers, service providers and asset operators’ benefit from the Internet of Things as the proliferation of sensors and smart devices transforms asset management. These two innovations provide the applications and the business network necessary to enable new insights and the ability for all stakeholders in asset management to move from a reactive to a more proactive approach.

Link to Presentation

Connected Store with Elvira Wallis

Internet of Things connects people, machines, products and services to streamline the flow of information, enable real-time decisions, and heighten consumer experiences. At SAP we believe in our customer’s vision to use IoT to fundamentally change the retail experience, both from an operations and a consumer perspective. Leading Brands are beginning to transform their business practices and recognize that, in time, the IoT will touch nearly every area of retail operations and customer engagement. SAP Connected Store is a cloud-based, IoT-enabled platform providing unprecedented end to end real-time consumer and operations management capabilities for connected distributed consumer-facing assets for CPG, Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality and Telco. What’s more, Connected Store will enable you to act in the moment and provide higher levels of service to engage your growing audience of connected customers in real time.

Link to Blog

SAP Internet of Things – Platform with Merlin Yamssi

IoT platform is the backbone of IoT Applications. It enables them to continuously generate and manage data-driven intelligence from connected things to the Core Business. Learn how the SAP IoT Platform can help you build and run state of the art IoT Solutions.

Link to Presentation


The preconference audience was primarily composed of prospects and customers that are beginning their journey with the Internet of Things and were hoping to understand how the IoT would impact their business and the tie back to digital transformation within the enterprise.

SAP seeded the thought of how an IoT platform works in an enterprise setting and was also able to convey how various apps can be built that can then help an organization leverage Thing (sensor) time series data in the OT (operations technology) world and marry it up with enterprise software data and business processes in the IT (information technology) to create amazing Outcomes for the business while providing them the capability to provide mind blowing experiences to their customers on the back of the SAP Internet of Things platform and solutions offering.

SAP would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for your participation and engagement at the workshop and welcome you to schedule design thinking sessions to discover potential Internet of Things opportunities within your enterprise to help enable digital transformation.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


Your SAP Internet of Things Team


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