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The cloud has quickly evolved from an optional buzzword for managing technology to an inevitable enabler of a business’ digital strategy. Gartner estimates that overall demand in every cloud formation will grow 18% this year to $246.8 billion in total worldwide revenue, up from $209.2 billion in 2016. IDC expects an even bigger jump to $122.5 billion, which is a whopping 24.4% increase over last year. I could go on and on, naming analyst after analyst, but the story is always the same: Cloud adoption is growing, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

It appears that things are starting to fall into place for the cloud marketplace. Some of technology’s heavy hitters are entering this space to ride the wave that will inevitably become the underlying foundation for some of today’s most significant
innovations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, cognitive Internet of Things, serverless architecture, and the mainstreaming of Big Data – all will require the power of the cloud to deliver their full potential.

This is not to say that some applications and data may remain locked in older technologies. But as new applications are increasingly adopted, businesses will be pushed to invest in the cloud to centralize every piece of information.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: Cloud computing that’s more than computing in a cloud

Despite the critical nature of the cloud, many businesses are finding that launching a digital core foundation in the cloud can be wrought with overwhelming operational challenges before they can unlock the full value of their technology investments. Business leaders question whether the data will be secure and accessible 24x7. IT teams are concerned about whether there will be enough control and governance around the whole architecture to ensure regulatory and corporate compliance, appropriate user access authorization, flexibility for future internal innovation, and round-the-clock uptime.

For this reason, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud was designed to provide an end-to-end private managed cloud solution. The service offers a comprehensive, coordinated application landscape and portfolio of managed services that helps organizations achieve their business and IT goals such as accelerated growth and innovation, lower operational risk, and business transformation that delivers bottom-line outcomes.

The beauty of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is that it dismisses any notion that cloud computing is just a series of data centers run by a third party. The service provides an entirely new paradigm for selection, designing, implementing, rolling out, and adopting technology. As innovation delivery shifts increasingly toward the cloud, organizations can reposition themselves to take advantage of cloud computing including continuous innovation, constant evolution, and pervasive integration.

Get acquainted with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud at SAPPHIRE NOW

If you haven’t jumped on the cloud bandwagon, it’s not too late, but you should get started soon. Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to find out how SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can help kick-start your move to the cloud. Check out this sneak-peek agenda to see what the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud team has in store for you.

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