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It's not over yet! Today has been another banner day for HCP at TechEd in Las Vegas and around the world online, and you still have a chance to catch a few repeat sessions tomorrow (and the release of next episode of the HCP Podcast).  This will be my last wrap post, and I hope you've enjoyed getting a feel for all things HCP at TechEd, including:

Sure, there haven't been riveting keynotes or lifesaving DemoJams today, but there have been several LIVE sessions focusing on HCP and in particular the developer experience, as well as many continued educational sessions and action on the show floor which you can visit till 6pm today -- and you can still catch a big event when Third Eye Blind takes the ballroom stage at 9pm tonight.

To kick off a series of developer-focused live sessions, Alex Graebe moderated at 9:30am with Sanjay Patil and Frederic Berg from SAP, and Stormy Peters from Cloud Foundry, a key initiative for HCP.  Stormy talked about how it's refreshing that, though enterprises have always been using open source (Linux and more), the difference now is that enterprises are using open source software in a much more open manner. The crew also drilled into other open source initiatives at SAP including HANA Vora on Apache, SAP UI5/OpenUI5.

Catch the replay: Open Source: Emerging Trends and Getting Developers Engaged | SAP TechEd Online</title></h...

This open source embrace was echoed again (and not for the last time) at 10:30 by Thomas Grassl in an interview with SAP Mentor Chris Kernaghan:

Catch the replay.

Continuing with the developer perspective, Matthias Steiner and Rui Nogueira drilled into what's new for developers on HCP in the LIVE studio together with SAP Mentor James Bowdark. Citing IoT Services, YaaS, Cloud for Analytics, and the Digital Boardroom as what's brand new, the team also called out that 2016 will be the "Year of Cloud Foundry" as well as the year of new data centers for HCP. The best way to get started on HCP: Go to and just get started with your free trial. Today.

"The time is now. You better catch the train before it leaves the station," said Matthias.

Catch the replay:  What’s New with SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Developers? | SAP TechEd Online</title></head&...

There are still several sessions for you to catch during the rest of the day today and a number of repeat sessions for tomorrow if you missed them the first time around. Have a look below.

Friday at TechEd: Where to find HANA Cloud Platform

8am-9amREPEAT  Extend Your Systems with Analytic Applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Jana Richter in San Polo 3404 SAP TechEd Las Vegas | October 19–23, 2015 | Home

REPEAT Extending SAP Cloud for Customer with HCP. San Polo 3505

8am-10amREPEAT hands-on with security: Join Martin Raepple and Milen Manov in Lando 4304 on using the security services in HCP.
8am-10amREPEAT: Extending SAP Cloud Solutions Using HCP: Hands on again with Krasimir and Mike in Lando 4306
9:15am-10:15amREPEAT: How to Manage the Lifecycle of Your SAP HANA Cloud Platform Applications - Jana Richter in Palazzo Ballroom O. SAP TechEd Las Vegas | October 19–23, 2015 | Home
9:15am-10:15amIn Palazzo Ballroom N, join Chris Paine and Matthias Steiner for the REPEAT of Architecture Guidelines for Microservices Based on HCP.

REPEAT Experience SAP HANA Cloud Portal in action. Murano 3204.

Farewell for now.  Enjoy your evening, your day tomorrow, and your travels, and see you next year!