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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Neo environment sunset was recently announced here. As a service of SAP BTP, Neo environment, SAP Web IDE will also sunset on December 31st, 2028.

SAP Web IDE was removed from the price list for subscription two years ago, and therefore new customers can no longer purchase it. Renewals for existing SAP Web IDE customers will not extend beyond December 31st, 2028.

SAP Business Application Studio, the successor of SAP Web IDE, was released three years ago. It continues to evolve and is used by thousands of customers.

We have put a lot of effort into the development of SAP Business Application Studio. New capabilities and use cases are added regularly and available functionality continues to improve. This has enabled us to bring SAP Business Application Studio to the state it is in today – a modern, powerful, state-of-the-art development environment for business application developers.

SAP Business Application Studio is packed with innovative tools, helping customers boost their development productivity. Additionally, SAP Business Application Studio recently released a new set of tools that allow users with minimal to no software development experience to develop business applications.

SAP Business Application Studio is our strategic focus for investments going forward and has been the default environment for new customers since 2020.

As stated, SAP Web IDE continues to be available and supported for existing customers until Dec 31st, 2028.


Commercial Offerings 

SAP Web IDE has been removed from the price list for subscription two years ago, and can’t be purchased by new customers. Existing SAP Web IDE customers can renew their licenses until Dec 31st, 2028.

Existing customers of consumption-based contracts, such as Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP or Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA), can continue to use their existing services and provision new service instances in the Neo environment, per the terms of their agreement and the current SAP price list. The established rules around service deprecations under CPEA apply.

SAP Business Application Studio is the successor product of SAP Web IDE and includes all the SAP Web IDE capabilities (The UI might be different), as well as new and improved ones.

Customers and partners can purchase SAP Business Application Studio through different channels:

Customer Licenses​

Partner Development Licenses

  • Order via “Manage My Services” App (self-service)​

Test and Evaluation

SAP Business Application Studio is available for test and evaluation on Free Tier or on the SAP BTP, Trial environment (Log in to trial / Try and buy). ​

During the migration from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application Studio, customers will need to have licenses for both SAP Web IDE and SAP Business Application Studio.

Migrating to SAP Business Application Studio 

SAP provides support for customers migrating from the Neo environment to the multi-cloud environment.

General information on migration can be found in Migrating from the Neo Environment to the Multi-Cloud Foundation. In addition, there are SAP Web IDE specific migration guides covering different use cases.

SAP provides guides, documentation, and migration wizards to facilitate the migration process from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application Studio, but in some cases, manual migration is required. The effort to migrate your applications varies depending on the number of applications, complexity, use case, and internal company processes.

See the individual use case migration guides for details:

Getting Started with SAP Business Application Studio