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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Week 2 started this Monday, you dont have to download and install any software if you have already done it in Week 1 > system preparation guides



  1. To get information about different SAP Web IDE templates, go to Tools>Template Library (you can create your own custom template as well)

  2. Easy way to create a project from existing sample apps : Shop, Approve PO, Manage products

  3. SAP HANA Cloud connector (HCC) is not the only solution to connect on-premise system to HANA Cloud Platform, but there is also 'Reverse proxy' concept but setting it up is not easy as compared to HCC. + few disadvantages: attacks from Internet, not all protocols can be supported

  4. SAP HANA Cloud connector is available as

  5. While setting up WebIDEUsage properties, make sure to use lower case.

  6. Nice explanation on how an existing Fiori app can be extended.

  7. Interesting talk on Fiori Launchpad, how to register to it

    • Before registering to FLP (on HCP), app has to be deployed to HANA Cloud Platform first

    • add mode=admin at the end of the FLP url to look into management cockpit of SAP FLP (of course you should have admin role

  8. Prior to deploying apps (from HCP) to SAP Fiori Launchpad, it’s best to create at least one catalog, role and a group in Fiori Configuration Cockpit

    • Go to service  on SAP HANA Cloud Portal

    • create a new site (if not done before) and select Fiori Launchpad

    • Click manage catalog > click on '+' , provide some name

    • Navigate to Roles , click on '+' , select 'Everyone'

    • Come back to FLP admin cockpit home page, click on Manage Tile Groups

    • You can create a new one and assign tile group to catalogs to enable role-based access

  9. Nice tour of SAP HANA Cloud portal

    • How easy it is to assign an deployed app (from HCP) to FLP from 'create app site'

  10. Manage Assignments is now "Manage Catalogs" on Fiori Configuration Cockpit. Reference

  11. SAP Fiori launchpad object called the category, has now been incorporated into the Catalog object

  12. SAP HANA Cloud connector doesnt work with Java 1.8. You should have either 1.6 or 1.7

  13. Should explore Fiori App reference library for any key information for any app: Installation (Front-end components, Back-end components), configuration, extension.

  14. Creating a project from existing template, you see an error message saying: The flow cannot be continued due to incorrect wizard configurations . Add  ?settings=ignore at the end of web ide url and relaunch.


You can ask your queries in discussion section of this course.


For more info,follow

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