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The Fear, the Change, and the Opportunity

Major implementation projects can be a time of high emotions – often fueled by fear. But as we have learned throughout history, embracing change, as well as the demands that come with it, can become the start of something so transformational that people wonder why they fought against it in the first place.

For many organizations that are moving from a legacy ERP system to our next-generation ERP suite, SAP S/4HANA, such a scene is all too familiar as they plan their path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. The promises of unlocking the potential of corporate data, simplifying their IT infrastructure, and revolutionizing customer and employee experiences are undoubtedly convincing. However, such an undertaking can spawn challenges in terms of costs, outcome certainty, acceptance, and their ability to keep up with business demand. There’s a lot at stake when moving to a digital core that connects applications to each other and users to data, especially when this data could be captured across the entire business in real time. SAP is constantly thinking about where our customers come from and how we can support them to achieve their individual goals with a clear and transparent road map and plan that establishes trust in what we do: enabling the digital core of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Mapping the future of your Intelligent Enterprise

The SAP Transformation Navigator tool provides a clear view of the value that can be achieved with SAP S/4HANA, including the product capabilities that meet specific business needs and the SAP offerings that deliver them. While the road forward may be complicated, our customers are finding that this free, self-service tool is making it easier to prepare for their journey to a new digital core as they ulltimately, move forward with confidence.

SAP Transformation Navigator gives our customers a central point of truthful, vibrant, and thorough discussion on where they are heading not just six months from now, but for years to come. More importantly, they are exchanging fear and uncertainty for confidence and visionary purpose.

Take, for example, the University of Mississippi. Affectionately known as “Ole Miss,” the 170-year-old institution is experiencing steady enrollment growth, now serving approximately 24,000 students representing 90 countries. To keep up with the needs of such a diverse student body of digital natives, Ole Miss decided to move its core ERP functions to SAP S/4HANA.

By using SAP Transformation Navigator on a self-service, continuous basis, Ole Miss is prepared to handle the changes ahead.
“Answer some questions, and the tool returns a road map that shows you how to get from point A to B,” explains Al Ling, Ole Miss’s director of Business Applications and ERP Support. “An important aspect of SAP Transformation Navigator is that it’s an iterative tool – even organic in a sense. Go back to it again and it may lead you to interesting places.”

For Ling, this tool has provided the flexibility to run through various scenarios every time his team reached a new decision point and wanted to consider a shift in strategy. Plus, the road maps generated by the tool have become a tightly integrated part of facilitating change campus wide.
“Executive buy-in, that’s what SAP Transformation Navigator helps us with,” says Ling.

“We can use these road maps to show university administrators exactly what we need to do, how we’re going to do it, and how long it should take.” Ole Miss continues to make big moves, and SAP Transformation Navigator is ratchetting up the energy around its digital transformation. “As we move along in our road map planning over the next five to seven years, SAP Transformation Navigator is going to be an invaluable tool – and it has already revealed its value,” Ling reflects.

Building the foundation for your growth with clarity and vision

If we are to learn anything from Old Miss’s story, it’s the powerful influence of on-demand transparency. And many of our customers are already realizing how powerful it can be with SAP Transformation Navigator as they map their strategies for SAP S/4HANA and reveal otherwise hidden opportunities for success.

Where does your road to SAP S/4HANA lead? It’s up to you. Your specific journey may be unique, but SAP Transformation Navigator is available at your fingertips as a free self-service tool, to chart your course toward an Intelligent Enterprise that serves customers better and improves business performance dramatically.

Explore it yourself here.The tool is provided as part of our customers’ regular maintenance package.