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While brainstorming about how-to adequately represent SAP NetWeaver Cloud at SAP TechEd now that I'm officially part of the team and given the task to push the adoption among the developer community it sounded desirable to come up with a fresh concept: one that conveys my understanding of NW Cloud being the prime example of the new SAP when it comes to agility, speed and openness.

The way I see it NW Cloud is truly the front-runner in many areas like continuous delivery (releasing new features in a bi-weekly rhythm) and fully embracing Open Source just to name two very important topics. Of course, I wanted these characteristics to shine at TechEd. With so many interesting things happening related to NW Cloud within SAP such as the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Labs it didn't take long to find a similar minded colleague eager to team up: lars.karg.

Together, we came up with the concept of Tapping into Open Source with SAP NetWeaver Cloud, a 2h long lecture full of live coding. We believe actions speak louder than words - instead of walking you through a slide-deck, we opted for showing you what it feels like to code with/for SAP NetWeaver Cloud using Open Source software.

We broke down our understanding of the value proposition of using Open Source Software into six chapters, that build on top of each other:

Get started - Get results fast - Experience social - Give back - Achieve quality and Co-innovate

For each of these chapter we have prepared a 18min live-coding demo. Yet, we also wanted to make our lecture more sustainable and hence we decided to write down a dedicated blog post for each of the chapters plus hosting the corresponding sample projects on Github, so that everyone can test-drive the presented demos themselves...

But enough of the talking, here's a screenshot of the session supplements application []

During our session, one of the things you'll learn is how we developed this application using some of the most popular Open Source projects out there. So, if you're interested in NetWeaver Cloud and/or Open Source - we would be happy to see you in our session! Cheers!