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Never before has the integration of intelligence into existing business processes been so crucial for business strategy and success. Good news is: It has also never been this easy!

So, are you also looking for the best and fastest way to turn intelligence into actual business outcomes? Then keep on reading!

SAP is an active player in the field of Machine Learning powered AI technologies, offering a full set of solutions engineered to help businesses create more agile and adaptive processes and allow for better decision making based on AI, automation, and insightful analytics. Join the Intelligent Technologies track at this year’s TechEd event and learn how you can create an intelligent company with SAP Intelligent Technologies.

In this track (INT) We will show you how to optimize your processes, make the best possible use of your resources and ignite innovations in all areas of the company - with the right combination of intelligent technologies, services and industry know-how.

How we empower customers across industries


The Business Technology Platform portfolio from SAP delivers a number of tools and intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation, the IoT, or Blockchain, that help you turn data into business values, optimize processes and maximize resources - with that changing the way we live and work.

We want to support you in optimizing your business processes, enable informed decision-making through data-driven insights, and promote innovation in every area of your business. Our goal is to continue creating software and services that enhance the impact of these technologies and enable them to reach their full business potential, while addressing the fundamental impact on your environments and workforce.

During this years’ SAP TechEd event 8-10 December we’ll therefore explore the latest developments, road maps, and strategies for using emerging technologies to future-proof your SAP software investment. We will be offering a variety of content types to create a holistic experience for you: from 40 minutes dive deep lectures, to 20 minutes breakout sessions, Expert Q&A’s, roadmap sessions, and up to 2 hours workshops in which you can play and try codes.


Embark with us on a journey through 7 sub-tracks:


1. Create your own intelligent applications


Build your own intelligent applications using the SAP Data Intelligence solution to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across your enterprise. Find out how to discover, refine, govern, orchestrate, and scale efforts in getting intelligence out of your data assets using Python, the R programming language, or TensorFlow.

INT940 Expert Q&A (20min)​ AI Strategy at SAP
INT105 Lecture (40 min) Build Data Pipelines with SAP Data Intelligence
INT114 Breakout (20 min) Application of Machine Learning Models in Real Time and at Scale

2. Derive business relevant data with the IoT


Connect with a magnitude of devices to derive business relevant data leveraging the Internet of Things. Discover how to build applications with templates tailored for IoT and how to act of IoT data by connecting it to business processes.


INT204 Workshop (2h)​ Extend Delivery Processes in SAP S/4HANA with SAP Internet of Things
INT131 Lecture (40 min) Grupo Siro Embraces Industry 4.0 with the IoT and Machine Learning
INT167 Workshop (2h)​ Implement and Run Business Scenarios at the Edge Using SAP Edge Services
INT938 Expert Q&A (20min)​ SAP Internet of Things: Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise
INT824 Road Map (30min)​ Road Map: SAP Internet of Things and SAP Edge Services
INT115 Breakout (20 min) Seven Building Blocks to Realize IIoT Scenarios
INT116 Breakout (20 min) Architecture Blueprint for SAP Internet of Things and SAP Edge Services
INT121 Lecture (40 min) Enabling an Industry 4.0 Scenario for Smart Warehousing with SAP IoT


3. Automate and optimize business processes


Automate and optimize business processes with SAP AI Business Services. Find out more about relevant machine learning models for consumption and how to enable your developers to use machine learning services without any data science know-how. Learn how to extract and process structured and unstructured data.


INT260 Workshop (2h)​ Data Classification with Python SDK and SAP AI Business Services
INT166 Workshop (2h)​ Classify and Extract Business Document Information
INT937 Expert Q&A (20min)​ Expert Q&A on Artificial Intelligence and SAP AI Business Services
INT201 Lecture (40 min) Infuse Intelligence into Business Processes with SAP AI Business Services
INT203 Breakout (20 min) How to Set Up an AI End-to-End Integration Project
INT123 Lecture (40 min) Standardized Consumption and Operation of Machine Learning in SAP S/4HANA
INT200 Lecture (40 min) Do-It-Yourself Machine Learning
INT104 Lecture (40 min) SAP S/4HANA and SAP AI Business Services Automated Shared Service Center
INT110 Breakout (20 min) Learn how to Consume AI Business Services for Business Document Processing
INT161 Workshop (2h)​ Detect and Highlight Entities from Unstructured Text Using Machine Learning
ST108 Strategy Talk (30min)​ Business Automation with Artificial Intelligence and AI Business Services
INT820 Road Map (30min)​ Road Map: SAP AI Business Services


4. Design and orchestrate software robots


Design and orchestrate software robots with SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation services to automate and optimize the manual work necessary to run the day-to-day operations of your business. Learn more about attended and unattended scenarios and various use cases from finance, procurement and human resources.


INT933 Expert Q&A (20min)​ Everything You Want to Know About Hyperautomation with SAP Intelligent RPA
INT117 Breakout (20 min) Job Scheduling and Monitoring with RPA and SAP Cloud ALM
INT118 Breakout (20 min) All Your Processes in Your Hand: The World of Business Activity Monitoring
INT202 Breakout (20 min) OCR and Machine Learning–Based Surface Automation: Truly Intelligent RPA
INT130 Lecture (40 min) Zuellig Pharma: Streamlining Business Processes with SAP Intelligent RPA
INT122 Lecture (40 min) Simplified Bot Building: Experience New Cloud-Based, Low-Code Bot Building
INT107 Breakout (20 min) Guided Bot Building: The New Wizard for Your Process Automation Endeavors
INT822 Road Map (30min)​ Road Map: SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
INT163 Workshop (2h)​ RPA for Ariba Network: Build Your Own Bot Around Ariba Network
INT165 Workshop (2h)​ RPA As Easy As 1-2-3: Low-Code Design for Microsoft Office and SAP Software


5. Establish powerful conversational agents


Learn how to build powerful conversational agents in a heartbeat with SAP Conversational AI services, which enable human-to-machine interactions using a human conversation. Explore how to train, build, connect, and monitor developed conversational scenarios that run embedded and extended with SAP solutions.


INT939 Expert Q&A (20min)​ Expert Q&A on SAP Conversational AI and Chatbots
INT102 Lecture (40 min) Build Powerful Conversational Interfaces with SAP Conversational AI
INT823 Road Map (30min)​ Road Map: SAP Conversational AI
INT108 Breakout (20 min) Best Practices and Tips to Create Your Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI
INT109 Breakout (20 min) Deliver an Intelligent Chatbot in No Time with Low Code
INT160 Workshop (2h)​ Build Your Own Enterprise-Ready Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI


6. Simplify multiparty processes using blockchain


Simplify multiparty processes to increase trust among participants with SAP Blockchain Business Services. Learn more about the next-generation cloud offering to enable enterprise blockchain implementations in a scalable, interoperable, and flexible way.


INT934 Expert Q&A (20min)​ Blockchain: Rethinking Interoperability in Dynamic Business Relationships
INT101 Lecture (40 min) Blockchain for Cross-Company Workflow Orchestration


7. Future-proof businesses through transformative innovations


Discover how the New Ventures and Technologies team develops software to future-proof SAP solutions and your business. Find out more about the technology trends on the horizon and how we at SAP drive organic innovation.


INT935 Expert Q&A (20min)​ Turn an Idea on a Napkin into a Working Software Business
INT132 Lecture (40 min) How Ruum by SAP Empowers Evonik to Automate Manual Processes Without Code
INT103 Lecture (40 min) Build and Deploy ERP Process Extensions in Minutes Without Code
INT125 Lecture (40 min) What's Next: Creating Personalized Enterprise Software Experiences
INT129 Breakout (20 min) SAP Technology Radar: Putting Emerging Technologies in Context
INT111 Breakout (20 min) Explore the Human-Centered Approach to Innovation
INT119 Breakout (20 min) Ethical Considerations in the Era of Enterprise Intelligence
INT162 Workshop (2h)​ No-Code Academy: Learn to Build Process Extensions Without Code


Tune in for tech talk. Stay for inspiration. Upskill your future.


So, if you want to learn new skills that can make an immediate impact on your organization and provide a long-term impact on your career then SAP TechEd is the right place for you!

This year we’re offering the most accessible version of SAP TechEd ever. SAP TechEd will be a 48-hour virtual tech event. You will have access to hundreds of sessions, all free to participate. With a combination of live-streamed and on-demand sessions, the SAP TechEd Agenda is expressly designed for up-to-the-minute learning and valuable interaction.

Do not miss out and join us from the convenience of your own personal workspace for our 48-hour virtual tech event! Spend some time with us in December, and we will get you prepared with the skills, insight and know-how you need for success and growth in 2021. Register now on the SAP TechEd website and get a free seat at the table.


Learn More:


  • Find more information on the official event webpage here and register now

  • Follow the links and find more info on the various tracks and sessions

  • Watch a short teaser video here

  • Keep on learning even after the event on our Learning Hub here

  • Find answers to questions, blogs for inspiration and engage with experts on SAP Community