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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP TechEd 2023 captivated Bangalore as a dynamic hub of technological immersion, bringing together a diverse group of technology enthusiasts, ranging from developers to industry leaders, to delve into the cutting-edge innovations of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

The event kicked off with an insightful keynote from Juergen Mueller and featured the launch of several innovative products, highlighting SAP's dedication to solving complex business problems with SAP Business Technology Platform. Highlights included the introduction of SAP Build Code, a Gen AI-based code development feature for CAP application development; Joule, an AI co-pilot that understands SAP processes and data; SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine, which will accelerate development of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications on SAP BTP.

Our team, T&I Platform Adoption & Advisory (PAA), actively contributed to the event. Through a series of engaging sessions, hands-on workshops, demos, and insightful lectures, we shared our expertise on SAP BTP – hyperscaler reference architectures and use cases spanning app development, automation, integration, Gen AI, and data-to-value. We aimed to not just showcase SAP BTP's capabilities but also empower attendees to unleash its full potential in their fields.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Our PAA team, collaborating with different product teams within SAP and external speakers from from AWS, Microsoft, NTT Data & AMD delivered close to 25 sessions in virtual and physical formats at TechEd 2023 which included demos, hands-on workshops, mini-theatres, lectures, usability testing, and Voice of Customer & partner sessions.

You can find out more about these sessions summarized in this blog post by Ajit Kumar Panda

Strategy Talk by Anja Schneider  

Anja highlighted the transformative potential of prebuilt business content in SAP BTP, emphasizing its ability to empower customers and partners with enhanced resilience and agility throughout their cloud journey. She further emphasized the importance of utilizing actionable SAP BTP use cases in a repeatable and scalable approach to optimize the cloud adoption process.

My colleague Mahesh Palavalli showcased the effortless deployment of an SAP BTP use case from SAP Discovery Center, powered by SAP BTP Terraform Provider. Wolfgang Möller of NTT Data Germany and Satheesh Dasyapu  of AMD shared their experiences with SAP BTP and Gen AI use cases, highlighting their transformative impact on business processes and decision-making.

Strategy talk by Anja Schneider

Presentations by Mahesh Palavalli and Wolfgang Möller

Strategic Partnerships and Industry Use Cases

Collaboration with hyperscalers and partners took centre stage, with a focus on fostering business value through extension applications tailored to specific industries. Notable partner sessions, such as NTT Data's exploration of Industry 4.0 scenarios using SAP BTP Extension applications, offered valuable insights into the enhanced development efficiency enabled by Gen AI.

Our PAA team with AWS colleagues - we jointly delivered an openSAP course

Our strategic partnerships were also emphasized at T&I Day at SAP Labs India

Focus on SAP BTP Platform Capabilities and Joint Reference Architecture with hyperscalers

SAP TechEd 2023 centred on sharing architecture patterns and demos to promote development efficiency in SAP BTP across various technology tracks. Attendees were presented with a trove of knowledge encompassing SAP BTP Platform capabilities, demonstrating the construction and innovation of end-to-end use cases leveraging SAP BTP and Hyperscalers.
Joint Reference Architectures and End-to-End Use Cases with SAP BTP and AWS

Diverse scenarios like IoT, machine learning, and the seamless integration of AWS and SAP BTP services, including AWS Monitron and SAP's plant maintenance capabilities, took the spotlight. Our demos delved into the technical intricacies and architectures of these use cases, providing valuable takeaways for attendees.
SAP and Google Cloud: Understand JRAs for Unified Data and Analytics

Joint Reference Architectures (JRAs) unveiled a treasure trove of opportunities: retail inventory prediction, supply chain planning optimization, and sustainability analytics powered by SAP Datasphere, Google Vertex AI, and Google BigQuery. The data potential of RISE with SAP and SAP Datasphere for multi-cloud advantages was also explored, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Hands-On Workshops: Bridging Theory and Practice

Our TechEd preparation culminated in a series of hands-on workshops, diving into six distinct scenarios that showcased the power of SAP BTP and its seamless integration with Hyperscaler platforms. These workshops, conducted in a collaborative spirit alongside colleagues from various SAP teams and partner companies, explored a diverse range of topics:

  • Automation of BTP Accounts using Terraform Provider: We empowered participants to streamline the provisioning and management of SAP BTP accounts using Terraform Provider, unlocking a world of automation possibilities.

  • SAP Datasphere Integration with Databricks and Google Cloud BigQuery for Data Federation Scenarios: We delved into the seamless integration of SAP Datasphere with Databricks and GCP, enabling participants to harness the power of data federation for advanced analytics.

  • Building Customer/Partner GenAI Innovations on SAP BTP Leveraging LLMs: We demonstrated the ease of creating customer-centric GenAI innovations on SAP BTP using generative AI hub, empowering participants to unleash the power of AI to transform their businesses.

  • Integration of Events Generated from Industrial Production Processes: We showcased the seamless integration of events from industrial production processes into SAP business systems, paving the way for intelligent enterprise scenarios that optimize operations and drive business innovation.

Demo Sessions/Mini-Theatres: Unveiling the Possibilities

We had quite a few demo sessions on Application Development, Automation, Integration, Generative AI in SAP BTP, and Data-to-Value use cases and reference architectures that captured the audience's interest. Engaging discussions and questions with partners and customers reflected the growing interest and adoption of SAP BTP in diverse business scenarios.

We had a range of sessions including topics like Event-Driven Architectures on SAP BTP, Enhancing Core ERP processes with resilient applications on SAP BTP, Private Link, Automation of SAP Discovery Center Mission with Terraform and Multitenant SaaS applications.

We also hosted an extensive, day-long demonstration booth focusing on SAP BTP use cases, reference architectures and integrations with Hyperscalers in collaboration with cross a LoB team at SAP. Our team engaged in enriching discussions with developers and architects who showed great interest in understanding the best practices for tackling these use cases.

Voice of Customers: Real-World Success Stories

During the Voice of Customer session, AMD shared their journey leveraging Gen AI on SAP BTP to overcome supply chain hurdles. This real-world application showcased the practical impact and success stories that emerged from SAP's innovative solutions This session was done by Satheesh Dasyapu  from AMD along with my colleague SivaKumar and Sally Lawler Kennedy from AppHaus.

Conclusion: Towards a Transformed Future with SAP BTP

SAP TechEd 2023 showcased the transformative synergy between SAP BTP and Hyperscalers, offering a glimpse into the future of multi-cloud innovation. The event not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing but also fostered a community eager to explore best practices in SAP's multi-cloud strategy.

As we reflect on the rich tapestry of sessions, workshops, and engagements, it's evident that SAP BTP is not just a technology platform; it's a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and the future of enterprise solutions. Our team's active participation and contributions played a pivotal role in making SAP TechEd 2023 a resounding success, setting the stage for the continued evolution of SAP's technological landscape.

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The T&I Platform Adoption and Advisory team collaborates with customers and partners creating actionable use-cases, reference architectures and best practices on different areas of SAP BTP like app development, automation, integration, Gen AI, and Data to Value. We also focus on integration of SAP BTP with Hyperscalers and third party systems showcasing the power of cross-collaboration.

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