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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
SAP TechEd 2020 is free, it's virtual, and it's really really big.  I can't hope to attend all the great sessions virtually.  Let's be honest, I wouldn't have been able to attend them in person either.  Sure I don't have to do all this now though:

  1. Pack a bag.

  2. Go to the airport.

  3. Get an Uber.

  4. Check into the hotel.

  5. Get to the conference.

  6. Pickup my badge (read to the end).

  7. Find my sessions.

And I left out, coffee. lots of coffee at least till the evening, then other beverages with friends from around the world.

So lets talk about what I am going to do this year to stay connected to my friends and colleagues.

  1. Register/login.

  2. Set alarm to wake up.

  3. Walk into home office.

  4. Login and enjoy!

That's a little more simple and a lot, oh wait, almost forgot:



Let's get adding to our schedules! 

Here is where I go first.   Channel 1 listed on your attendee dashboard will guide you to round the clock content over the entire duration of TechEd.  Two major highlights to point out are:

Developer Keynote: All Developers Welcome [DK100]

Our first Developer Keynote.  Different from an Executive Keynote in a few ways, but the biggest is that we wanted to show that we listen to you, our SAP technology users. And we know what it's like to have to combine a recipe of several SAP ingredients to cook up a successful app.

Well, kevin.muessig and rich.heilman have a great scenario in store for all my followers who love to look at non-SAP code and then work to combine it with their SAP data.

For a great primer on Developer Keynote, please see this short blog from that explains the back story of the scenario for our developer keynote.


Presenting the Devtoberfest Finalists [GS201]

Also a first for us, as you probably know from our lead up to SAP TechEd we held our Devtoberfest 2020 event. Be sure to catch the announcement of the community voted winner here.  If you haven't voted yet , what are you waiting for, follow this link now!


Personal Interest

I am still connected heavily to my friends at SAP Mobile, and equally as connected to SAP Open Source on SAP Cloud Platform with Project Gardener and Project Kyma.  So I plan to attend these sessions:


Mobile Enablement for SAP Work Zone [DEV214] with sami.lechner

SAP's UX Mobile Strategy Realized with SAP Cloud Platform [DEV107] with sami.lechner and Thorsten Stephan

and a great session on how we use iOS here at SAP,

Success with iOS [PT100] with my friend 1074843

and  jitendrakumar.kansal  has a personal recommendation for this session:

Containers, Open Source and App Virtualization:

Universal Kubernetes Management for Private or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures [DEV269] with Rafael Franzke

Build Cloud-Native Extensions for SAP Solutions Based on Kubernetes [DEV261] with marco.dorn and stanimir.ivanov


Partner Showcase

I am going to follow a lot of our partners and their sessions here ,but a specific focus on my friends Kenny and Ganesh from AWS with this session:

and a session from

VMWare, SAP on VMware — VMware's Road Map for Current and Next-Gen SAP Solutions [DAT120] which ties in nicely to the above sessions on virtualization.

And last but not least the team of Developer Advocates has a lot of great sessions.  Find them here:

Beyond SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Elements [IIS114]mariusobert

Translytical Data Processing with SAP HANA Cloud [DAT108] -  vitaliy.rudnytskiy)

Build Data Pipelines with SAP Data Intelligence [INT105] - vitaliy.rudnytskiy)

Do-It-Yourself Machine Learning [INT200] - vitaliy.rudnytskiy)

Expert Q&A on Developing with ABAP in the Cloud [DEV928] - rich.heilman)

Cloud-Native Development with SAP HANA [DAT160] thomas.jung and rich.heilman



Please enjoy your SAP TechEd experience.  It's for you: our customers, developers, partners, and users, that we love doing this.  Have fun and let me know if I can help in any way.  I miss you all very very much...


Oh, I almost forgot, I do have a badge!