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if your a developer  interested in learning  more about SuccessFactors extension on SAP Cloud  platform, i’m  sure you will find lot of  content related to extensions but question is always where do i start and what is the  flow i need to follow in order to reach required competency level.  This blog  helps you to guide through  learning journey in to world of SuccessFactors extensions. We at SAP Cloud Platform, Product Management & Strategy  team are creating learning journey for various LoB’s. This blog discusses a completely revamped set of learning journeys for SAP SuccessFactors extensions on SAP Cloud  Platform. I hope to guide you on  ways to do  continuous learning that will showcase  SAP Cloud  Platform as an extension platform for SuccessFactors.

Your learning journey track differs based on your role, Since there are different aspects of extension framework that you need to focus on and the skills required to do such  tasks  may differ based on the roles. For example, as a developer you might be more interested in creating front or backend extension for SuccessFactors and may not focus more on security aspects of the extension application. Where as an admin person you will more interested in managing access, authorization for extension application, Managing SAP Cloud Platform extension accounts , releasing extension to production environment etc. rather than run-time or development language used for the development of extension application.

Keeping roles based learning  requirements in mind, we have tried to create tailored learning journey  for each of the persona’s.  We have  broadly divided learning journey into two categories namely developer and admin track.  Content for Admin track will coming soon.

As a developer, You will be more  interested in developing  SuccessFactors extensions on SAP Cloud Platform or want to learn more about some advanced topics, you should be following developer track to gain required knowledge in order to kick start your development journey on SAP Cloud Platform. As we expand, more and more topics relevant to extension development will be added to this series.

SAP Learning Journey should address some of your questions like :

  • Why we need  extensions for SuccessFactors ?

  • I’m ready to explore SuccessFactors extensions, What are the prerequisites that i need know  before deep diving into development of SuccessFactors extensions?

  • What is SAP Cloud Platform extension package for SuccessFactors?

  • Can i use SAP trial account by connecting to some test  SuccessFactors system or SAP API HUB for  simple application development ?

  •  How  should  i approach  my learning path based on my role ? For example,  developer versus  integrator  versus administrator

SAP Learning Journey link, SAP SuccessFactors Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform - for Developers

We published first learning journey mainly focused on SAP Cloud Platform extensions for SuccessFactors.

Learning Journey is divided into various sections namely :-

  • Start with an overview - Mainly covers prerequisites and fundamentals

  • Become fully competent - Gives more insight into development aspects and architecture.

  • Stay current - Keep updated with all latest innovations and changes

  • Expand your skills - Mainly covers advanced topics

SAP SuccessFactors Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform - for Developers

This blog is going to be a living document.  We plan to add more and more hands-on exercises , videos, blogs and presentations  which should  help you to jump start your learning journey in a very structured manner.

Check out new content published to SuccessFactors extensions learning journey.

  • Overview of SuccessFactors extensions on SAP Cloud Platform

  • Overview of SuccessFactors Extension Account

  • Managing SAP Cloud Platform Extensions from SuccessFactors Extension Center

  • Create HTML5-Based SuccessFactors ExtensionApp on SAP Cloud Platform Trial Account

  • How to Apply SuccessFactors Header and Footer toan HTML5-Based SuccessFactors Extension App Using Portal Service

  • Create an HTML5-Based SuccessFactors ExtensionApp Using SAP Cloud Platform


Keep checking this  blog for latest updates to the SuccessFactors extensions learning journey.

SAP Learning Journey link ( Main landing page)

Learning Journey Overview – SAP Help Portal


This is the first step towards adopting SuccessFactors extension on SAP Cloud Platform more interactive and informative.  We will be adding more and more content and links to this blog as we go.

Your feedback , suggestions and ideas to make your learning journey more meaningful is always welcome.


Happy Learning !!