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SAP Signavio Process Insights is a pretty powerful tool to analyse and prepare your processes for the transformation to SAP S/4HANA and as well, if one would like to continuously monitor and improve a company’s business processes.

However, not everything is intuitive for everyone and there's a couple of questions I observed when working with customers which are asked quite often. And even if they are answered "somewhere", it's not always easy to find the right place.

So, let me guide you through the top questions and give you some tips, where you can find answers.

A Process Owners View

Let's imaging Paula, Process Owner in her company. She wants to define and improve business processes and understand improvement potential for her area of responsibility. What would be going through her mind, when first starting with SAP Signavio Process Insights?

A typical journey of a Process Owner

Well, here's a couple of thoughts on that (Frequently Asked Questions for Business Users😞

Paula needs to decide, if she wants to explore more from an End-to-End Processes perspective or if she is coming more from an LoB focus. I guess, that should be pretty clear.
She starts in her first process flow, but immediately, some things come to her mind...

    • How often is data collected for Process Flows? Find the answer here

    • What timeframe does Process Flow data relate to? Find the answer here

    • What do the different box colours used for the most frequent blockers and other information represent? Find the answer here

After looking into her first process flow, she starts to deep-dive into assigned Performance Indicators and recognises some features, which are not directly clear to her...

    • Which Performance Indicators also provide an additional automation rate metric? Find the answer here

    • What is benchmarking data based on? Find the answer here

    • For what Performance Indicators is benchmarking performance available? Find the answer here

Now she understands a little bit better the process performance, but as she wants to understand how to improve, she immediately looks into Correction Recommendations - but again, some question marks remain...

    • For which process performance indicators are correction recommendations implemented? Find the answer here

    • Why are the numbers of objects for a correction recommendation different than the number of objects for a performance indicator? Find the answer here

    • Where can I find deep dive information on Correction Recommendations? Find the answer here

Last but not least, she would like to get an impression, how new technology can help her and her team, so she looks into Innovation Recommendations, but some things are not clear...

    • What is recommendation relevance based on? Find the answer here

    • How should I interpret the relevance ratings of recommendations? Find the answer here

    • Where can I find deep dive information on Innovation Recommendations? Find the answer here

If Paula is looking for any deep dive information, she can refer to SAP Signavio Process Insights Application Help and the Reference Guide for Insights.

An IT Owners view

Meet Ian, IT Owner in his company. He has been tasked with setting up Process Insights for Paula and her team. Should be straight forward, right? But after the first look into the task, there are some questions open.

A typical journey of an IT Owner

General Questions (Link to Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators😞

    • What ERP System are supported as source systems of ERP data? Find the answer here

    • What are the technical pre-requisites for the solution? Find the answer here

    • Is there any overview on the onboarding? Find the answer here

After the pre-requisites fulfilled, Ian starts working on the BTP setup (find here a video). But it seems not everything is clear to him...

    • How do I subscribe the application? Find the answer here

For Paula and her team able to login, he starts looking into the necessary configuration of the Identity Provider.

    • How is authentication handled and what identity providers are supported? Find the answer here

Of course, Paula and team need users. That should be pretty straight forward, as Ian knows BTP quite well (User Management)
He starts setting up the data collection (find here a video), but would like to know some general topics, in case someone asks...

    • What are the ERP Background Jobs for SAP Signavio Process Insights? Find the answer here

    • How often is data collected for Process Flows? Find the answer here

    • How often is data collected for PPIs? Find the answer here

After that, he wants to look into what else he can configure in the application ...

    • When is the data deleted? Find the answer here

Finally, he wants to look into Data Security & Privacy topics. For sure the compliance team will ask him about this new application and he wants to be prepared...

    • Where does the solution store data? Find the answer here

For any deep dive information, Ian can refer to the Administration Guide for SAP Signavio Process Insights.

I hope, this blog gives answers to the most relevant questions you have regarding SAP Signavio Process Insights. Please comment below for feedback or in case any questions are open so that I can try to answer. Additionally, please check out the SAP Signavio Community Space for other interesting blogs and to answer questions regarding other SAP Signavio Components.