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It was an exciting three days at SAPPHIRE NOW. My first time ever at an SAP hosted event let alone first time ever in Orlando, Florida. As soon as you step foot into that hefty room you are exposed to a completely new and at first, quite overwhelming world. I was excited to be there and wanted to learn as much as I could about the different solutions that we position to our customers as well as hear from the many exhibitors visiting.

In my current role I am not exposed to many customer facing interactions. These were great to hear and see in person. The energy levels were through the roof. Every customer and SAP employee was excited and ready to go! Knowing that everyone flew from out of the area just to see us and what we have to make made the experience and excitement that much more. That was enough for me to know that this was something special. We were there for them, there to create a new experience for their business. We make their complex business’s “run simple”.

As I roamed the new world of floating signs and spinning LED marks I began to sniff out some of our top partners and recognize the big names. We are talking about Intel, Microsoft, Deloitte, T-Mobile, Apple, VMware, etc.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear from each of these representatives at their booths and hear what they had to say about SAP. Each individual had nothing but amazing thoughts to share about SAP and bursting excitement to showcase how SAP made their products and dreams become a reality.

The demo and exhibitor that caught my eye the most was with Intel. Intel showcased an IoT solution specific to the retail industry. They had a Clothing Retail store “Mock-Up” with IoT sensors above where the clothing was stacked. The gentleman demoing showed me how they use and integrate SAP solutions to track where in the store that specific piece of clothing is at all times as well as when it was last picked up. All the metrics are stored and easily accessible to the management team to provide the best customer experience that every business strives for. Once again, SAP makes this a reality for their customers. The best part of this demo, none of the clothes had sensors on them. Everything was tracked through the paper price tag. Nothing extra was needed other than our software and their IoT hardware. Completely mind blowing to see something like this in action!

To conclude, it was incredible to hear that over 500k people attended to hear Bill’s opening keynote. Over 17.5k people joined us in Orlando and over 696k were involved virtually through social media channels and online attendance. Attendees from over 86 different countries were deeply involved in our SAPPHIRE NOW this year, making it the largest and most unforgettable Sapphire yet. Thank You SAP!!