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To get an extensive update on our solutions, do not miss to join SAP Sapphire next week, virtually or on-site in Orlando, or in Barcelona the week after.

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In less than two weeks, you will have the unique opportunity to attend inspiring strategy talks, presentations, and roadmap sessions covering the entire Application Development, Automation and Integration spectrum on SAP Business Technology Platform. Let me guide you through the extensive session catalog to help you find the content that is most relevant to you.

Application Development

Build Code and Joule animation.gif

SAP Build allows for you to create and extend apps, automate processes, and design digital workspaces with low-code, pro-code and generative AI. Regarding Application Development, our aim is to equip developers and business users with a diverse set of tools tailored to meet the development requirements for creating S/4HANA extensions, all while adhering to SAP’s Clean Core approach. For that, we prepared 13 sessions, + 1 in ASUG Annual Conference, and I have marked with a star the ones I would particularly recommend to you:

📲[connect online] BTP185 | Drive a sustainable, clean-core extension strategy with SAP BTP – Strategy Talk - Custom extensibility of business applications is key to quickly adapting to changing business requirements and process innovations. This can’t come, however, at the expense of a stable, up-to-date, and secure “clean core.” Find out how it can be done with services on SAP BTP such as SAP Build, SAP Build Code, and SAP BTP, ABAP environment.

📲[connect online] BTP224v | Extend SAP S/4HANA with SAP Build and SAP Build Code - Solution Demo - Empower your business experts and IT professionals to boost development efficiency and innovate at scale by leveraging low-code tooling with SAP Build solutions and pro-code solutions with SAP Build Code. Experience a real-life example of how to broaden your SAP S/4HANA software while keeping the core clean.

BTP118 | Discover generative AI code–based development from SAP Build Code - Customer Success Story with Henkel - See how AI in SAP Build Code is used to generate app logic, data models, and test scripts. Learn all about SAP Build Code, including how it connects smoothly to enterprise systems with prebuilt integrations and APIs, and how the solution drives collaboration between professional developers and business experts.

BTP117 | Generative AI–based code development from SAP Build Code - Strategy Talk - SAP Build Code solution, with generative AI–based code development tools and a Joule copilot, optimized for Java and JavaScript application development, provides a turnkey environment for coding, testing, integrations, and application lifecycle management. See SAP Build Code in action and learn how to drive greater developer productivity.

BTP184 | ABAP Cloud model and generative AI: A power couple to keep your core clean - Solution Demo - Protect your investments in extensions to the SAP ERP application and accelerate your cloud transformation. ABAP Cloud with generative AI capabilities streamlines development of cloud-ready applications, services, and extensions on SAP BTP, ABAP environment and in your SAP S/4HANA suite, in the cloud and on premise, while fulfilling a clean core.

BTP228 | Getting engaged AI and cloud ERP for productivity gain – Deep Dive

BTP120 | Lockheed Martin: Fostering one employee experience with SAP Build Work Zone - Customer Success Story

BTP186 | Transformation at Hatch Ltd. with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Build Work Zone - Customer Success Story

BTP116 | Five key low-code techniques for building effective enterprise apps - Solution Demo

BTP130 | Application extensibility with SAP Build solutions - Strategy Talk, that I will present with Nicolas Damonte, VP, Low Code Application Development -

BTP119 | Application development with SAP Build and SAP Build Code - Road map review, that I will present with Nicolas Damonte, VP, Low Code Application Development

BTP121 | What's next with SAP Build Process Automation - Road Map Review

BTP131 | What's new with SAP Build Work Zone and the SAP Build Apps tool - Road Map Review

ASUG301 | Building better applications for business users with SAP Fiori - Hear about best practices for using SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, and SAP Business Application Studio to create enterprise-grade apps for your business users. Find out about practical ways to build and deploy apps quickly, leveraging AI. Come prepared to learn and ask your questions.

➡️ We will be happy to welcome you on our Demo Stations for showing you end-to-end demos and for engaging conversations:

Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation May 2024.png

Enterprise automation will be a prominent topic at SAP Sapphire this year, as Generative AI capabilities will be unveiled to make process automation not only more efficient but also easier to create. In fact, Enterprise Automation supports the RISE transformation & migration from process insights to automation, with a wide range of LoB use cases and content. You will have 8 sessions to cover this topic:

📲[connect online] BTP187 | Unleash the power of automation: Your path to enterprise success – Strategy Talk with Bharat Sandhu, SVP of AI & Application Development - Reduce complexity and bring together applications, processes, and data with enterprise automation solutions from SAP enabled by the Joule copilot, SAP Integration Suite, and SAP Signavio and SAP Build solutions. Hear from our customers Blue Diamond Growers and Messer how organizations are reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation by integrating and automating their processes.

BTP122 | Experience enterprise automation to bring out the best of your processes – Solution Demo - Push business processes in your lines of business to the next level with enterprise automation from SAP, combining SAP Build and SAP Signavio solutions, and SAP Integration Suite. Make use of prebuilt content packages or start from scratch. The immediate improvement in sales, finance, or procurement brings out the best of your business processes.

BTP126 | Enhance business processes with tangible use cases and prebuilt content – Strategy Talk - Discover and get inspired by the wealth of prebuilt content from SAP to kick-start (or enhance) your automation projects across multiple lines of business, including finance, HR, and procurement. See how you can optimize operations and succeed with the SAP Build Process Automation solution to address evolving business needs, one use case at a time.

BTP129 | Towards a clean core through fusion development with SAP Build solutions – Customer Success Story with Hitachi - Find out where critical business needs in a customer transformation journey arise and how these challenges are overcome. Learn how to get to a clean core with fusion development leveraging a combination of low-code and pro-code solutions, such as SAP Build solutions, and how to help overcome extensibility challenges in future.

PAR210 | Gaining a competitive edge at Ulta Beauty through infrastructure automation - Customer Success Story

BTP125 | Get more from your automation investments with enterprise automation – Strategy Talk

BTP127 | Scale innovative transformation across your real-life processes and data – Strategy Talk

BTP128 | Speed up business transformation with SAP Signavio solutions and SAP BTP – Solution Demo

BTP901v | Enterprise automation – Solution Demo

➡️ And in between sessions, let’s meet at our Demo Station 147 | Enterprise automation!


SAP Integration Suite 2024.png


Seamless Integration of IT components in a diverse landscape is paramount, especially with respect to the Clean Core approach. We provide content for business processes (SAP and non-SAP) and hybrid integration with Edge Integration Cell, to help our customers to move from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite. With that regard, we have a packed agenda with 13 sessions including 6 Strategy Talks: 6 Customer Success Stories and a Road Map Review:

BTP181 | The power of generative AI for enterprise integration - Strategy Talk - AI can supercharge speed and accuracy in complex business environments. See how SAP Integration Suite accelerates developer connectivity with generative AI by providing content recommendations and AI-assisted mappings, scripts, and integration flows. The new AI-assisted API Management capability enables anomaly detection to mitigate security risks.

BTP107 | Move to the cloud with SAP Integration Suite - Strategy Talk - Transition smoothly from legacy landscapes to the cloud with SAP Integration Suite and its cloud-based integration services for moving from SAP Process Orchestration software. Hear about the migration tools and services available to help. Understand options, check for technical showstoppers, and explore assessment, migration, and test services.

BTP180 | Design and implement an agile integration strategy - Strategy Talk - A defined integration strategy is critical to accelerating digital transformation. Hear how the standardized and guided approach of SAP Integration Suite can help define, document, and govern your integration strategy.

BTP177 | McKinsey's digital transformation with SAP Integration Suite – Customer Success Story with Rakesh Gupta, Director of Engineering, McKinsey & Company - Consulting firm McKinsey & Company developed a unique application, Integration Factory, using SAP Integration Suite. Hear how the company is integrating over 200 systems to unlock data potential and minimize manual tasks with real-time monitoring. Learn how it uses SAP BTP to propel digital excellence for business and technology users.

BTP104 | Innovate now with a modern, AI-assisted integration suite – Road Map Review with Piyush Gakhar, Global Vice President, Head of Product & Strategy for Integration Platform - Integrate mission-critical applications and systems to accelerate innovation across the extended enterprise. Learn how the recent innovations, key capabilities, and road map of SAP Integration Suite support scalable, real-time business processes across SAP and third-party landscapes, enabling agility and business transformation.

BTP105 | Integrate and transform business processes across your enterprise - Strategy Talk

[connect online] BTP105v | Integrate and transform business processes across your enterprise - Strategy Talk

BTP102 | Gain flexibility and scalability with a hybrid integration strategy - Strategy Talk

BTP103 | How event-driven architecture supports critical, real-time business needs - Strategy Talk

BTP179 | embecta: Powering transformation with a unified technology landscape – Customer Success Story

BTP178 | Accelerating innovation at CONA Services with SAP Integration Suite – Customer Success Story

BTP204 | H.B. Fuller Company: Simplifying with SAP Integration Suite – Customer Success Story

BTP150 | Transforming business processes at Victoria's Secret & Company – Customer Success Story

BTP225 | Integrating platforms at Organic Valley with SAP BTP – Customer Success Story

➡️  Meet our experts and have spot-on demos on Demo Station 145 | Modernize with SAP Integration Suite.

Join us!

As you can see, our agenda is packed, and our teams have been hard at work preparing insightful content that will help you make the right decisions for your business. So, join us at SAP Sapphire, virtually or in person in Orlando, where I will have the pleasure of being, or in Barcelona. Let's connect!