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While Right Time Experiences (RTEs) is an unfamiliar term to many, we all experience RTEs on a regular basis. is the classic example of an e-commerce site delivering relevant recommendations in the context of our unique individual browsing and buying history. But RTEs go much further and are more immediately available in our minute-to-minute lives, thanks to our mobile society.

“Leveraging context – location, presence, preferences, buying and browsing history – has been around for awhile,” said Vishy Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, Global Center of Excellence at SAP. “But the immediacy of consumption that mobile provides, combined with tools to drive real-time, deep, relevant insights, make the creation and delivery of Right Time Experiences possible today.” Take for example the case of Telehealth where your smart phone tells you when it’s time to order your medication prescription, and then scans and automatically orders it in an instant while tracking the known side effects and symptoms to support your healthcare choices.

“The future of mobile is Right Time Experiences,” said Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research. “RTEs enhance business processes by injecting context to provide employees and customers the right information at the point of need.” Two of her examples include Tesco’s virtual grocery store and Streetline’s Parker Mobile

Mike Brinker of Deloitte and  Benjamin Robbins of Palador added perspective on designing an enterprise with mobile first in mind.

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