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For an Overview about the PIT Tool please read the Blog

Process Integration Test Tool shipped with sap process orchestration

The PIT Tool is a framework with which you can setup automatic tests for process integration scenarios. The main idea is that successfully processed messages are extracted from the runtime of either an SAP Process Integration or a SAP Process Orchestration system (sources system). Those messages are stored in the PIT system’s data base and can later be replayed on a different system (target system). The replayed messages are gathered from the target system after the run. The results can be compared against the reference messages from the source.

In this very first version we can collect messages on the source side from “classical” PI dual stack scenarios, Integrated Configuration Objects (ICO) and Integration Flows. On the target side we support ICOs and Integration Flows.



Sources System

  • System has at least PI/PO 7.31 SP 17 or PI/PO 7.50 SP6 with patch level according to SAP Note 2650265 

  • SAP Notes 2650265, 2739354 and 2707854 are installed on the systems

  • Only successfully processed messages are extracted

  • Log with Payload is enabled for all three stages (BI, MS, AM) - that means logging shall be enabled for a particular scenario - SAP Help - how to turn the logging on

Target System

  • Target system is PI-AEX or PO with at least 7.50 SP 14 with the latest Kernel Patch level

  • For setting up the PIT tool at the target system, the CTC called PI Test Tool Target can be carried out. The following parameters will be set:

    • Injector application is deployed and running, and application property pit.injector.enabled = true

    • For synchronous messages an HTTP destination should exists, which points to PIT and property contains the name of the destination (retrieve the response of the sync message) Default destination name PIT_SYSTEM need a user with the action pit_resp_retriever

Test Tool (PIT) System

  • the PIT system is PI-AEX or PO with at least 7.50 SP 14 with the latest Kernel Patch level

  • The configuration is done via CTC PI Test Tool 

    • JobHandlerJob is planned

  • A HTTP or RFC destination is created in NWA for each system which shall be connected to PIT (HTTP and RFC in case of a Dual Stack Sources System)


The Configuration and the Test Run Starts will be done in the NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)

Entry point in NWDS

Open the Perspective SAP Process Integration Test


Open preferences "SAP Process Integration Test" and define connection to PIT Tool system.



Now you are able to connect to the PIT System.



Now you can start to configure the Landscape.

Please have in your mind that each system that you connect to the PIT Tool System needs an http destination and each connected PI Dual Stack system also an RFC destination. This should be created in the NWA before maintaining the Test Systems in the PIT Test System Browser.

Don`t use the destination PIT_SYSTEM for this connection. It is a destination on the target system pointed to the PIT System for synchronous messages only.


Then you can start to add and to configure the test systems



You have a few possibilities for the Authentication Mechanism.

for more information please take a look at the SAP Help - Create Test System

The same system can be used as sources, PIT and target systems depending on the use case as long as it is a Java ( PI-AEX or PO) System with NW 7.50 SP14. In the migration use case, source and target system are different, in the regression use case however source and target may be the same.

Starting with SP15 the Decentral Adapter Engine is supported.

It can be loaded from the SLD or maintained manually.

After having setup the test landscape in your PIT System, you can start creating the first Test Case. For this, please check out the following blog.

SAP Process Integration Test Tool (PIT) – Create and Execute a Test Case