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With skilled developers becoming scarce, organizations are hamstrung in their capacity to innovate everything from more-efficient processes to groundbreaking business models. But Tom Le, global vice president of Partner Solution Advisory at SAP, sees a hidden opportunity in this challenge.

In his blog, Le writes, “By empowering employees with little to no development skill to play a key role in their organization’s success, businesses can tap a fresh community of innovators to personalize workflows, automate processes, and create new applications. And while increasing their organizational capacity to innovate, they are joining a movement that will likely produce 65% of new applications by 2024.”

This “movement” is what we call low-code and no-code (LCNC) development. Low-code development allows users to design and integrate complex applications with intuitive graphical tools and embedded functionalities. On the other hand, no-code development methods can result in the same user experience without any need for coding and programming knowledge.

Le’s observation reflects the success that SAP partners are experiencing when helping our customers innovate faster, better, and more effectively by using LCNC tools available in SAP Business Technology Platform. For example, a partner introduced a customer to low-code development while designing an application that is changing the retail experience and enhancing sustainability performance with robotic process automation, cloud commerce, and a modern ERP.

With our partners’ expertise and SAP Business Technology Platform, our customers can foster a work environment that empowers more employees to play a more prominent role in their company’s long-term success. And when you think about it, that experience is what motivates people to deliver their best at work every day.

Interested in learning how SAP partners are helping organizations give their people the power to innovate? Read Le’s blog, “How Bridging the Coder Talent Gap Accelerates the Innovation of Personalized Experiences.”