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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This is YOUR moment to shine! Seize this chance and solve below open space customer challenges. Now is the time to build more extensions and at the same time enhance the customer experience. Although it’s not yet Christmas, you can get actively involved today and deliver on our customers wish list.

Selected solutions will be highlighted on the SAP HANA Academy YouTube Channel with its 76’000 subscribers.

SAP partners, don’t miss the opportunity to build your brand by getting your solutions in front of the respective SAP Product Managers and, for the selected solutions, in front of the requesting SAP customers themselves.

SAP has several formal and informal methods for SAP Product Managers to collect customer enhancement requests. The Product Managers triage these requests into three paths to build the enhancement:

  • Roadmap: where SAP will build it,

  • White Space: where SAP will work with one partner to build it, and

  • Open Space: where SAP invites any partner to build it.


Here are the current open space customer challenges:

  • Challenge #1:
    SAP S/4HANA customers are requesting: Provide a change log for key changes to projects in Professional Services Automation – current log shows “last changed” only. Please create a saved history to track changes to project like sales prices, etc. - this will provide better insights and audit trail for projects.


  • Challenge #2:
    SAP S/4HANA customers are requesting: Provide multi-page OCR processing for invoices in Sourcing & Procurement. To allow multiple invoices to be scanned in a single session and able to be saved as separate invoices by recognition of design specifics of different invoices within a stack.


  • Challenge #3:  
    SAP S/4HANA customers are requesting: Provide ability to update layout of key reports in Finance. Provide more flexibility or automation in modifying layouts for mandatory and legally compliant reporting needs.


  • Challenge #4:
    SAP Marketing Cloud customers are requesting: WhatsApp integration - so that they can execute campaigns using this channel and send instant message to specific target groups. They want to use the latest functionalities provided by WhatsApp Business API.

Solutions can be any combination of service and app. Our SAP Product Managers are anxious to get the selected solutions in front of their customers.

So, dear partners, if you are up for this challenge, please send a short video of your working solution to the as soon as possible. Should you need help with the video, please let us know. To be part of these Challenges - or future Challenges - please reach out to the

And the cherry on the cake: selected solutions will be highlighted on the SAP HANA Academy YouTube Channel with its 76’000 subscribers.