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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Build Code

The launch of SAP Build Code marks a pivotal moment for SAP Mobile Services. SAP Build Code unifies essential run time and design time tools, and SAP Mobile Services is its channel for mobile development. Click here to learn more about how you can build and manage mobile applications with SAP Build Code. Additionally, check out Supercharging developer productivity with SAP Build Code and Why SAP Build Code is a Game-Changer for SAP Developers to learn more about SAP Build Code.


SAP Fiori

In 2023, the SAP BTP SDK for Android took a significant step forward, enabling developers to utilize Jetpack Compose for front-end development with SAP Fiori controls.

Across platforms, numerous new SAP Fiori controls were introduced. SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK) introduced an editable data table, refined button states, and interactive section headers. The SAP BTP SDK for iOS now includes support for timeline views, paging, and a step progress indicator. The SAP BTP SDK for Android embraced the Fiori Horizon theme following Material Design 3 guidelines and introduced new controls like List Picker and OCR controls.

Throughout these advancements, SAP maintained its unwavering commitment to accessible UIs. On iOS, VoiceOver support received substantial enhancements, providing more detailed feedback for elements like Buttons.



2023 was a milestone year for SAP Mobile Services in terms of security advancements. The SAP BTP SDK for iOS and SAP BTP SDK for Android now seamlessly integrate with Apple’s App Attestation and Google’s Play Integrity to verify the legitimacy of the app version running on a device. Additionally, the year witnessed the SDKs supporting various app management policies, including Device Compliance Detection, Clipboard Protection, and the enhancement of Locking and Wiping Support. MDK also bolstered its security features by enabling onboarding processes through digitally signed QR Codes.



The year also witnessed improvements to SAP Mobile Services' industry-leading offline framework. The initial download process has been optimized to fetch data with referential constraints as needed, resulting in significant performance enhancements. Additionally, local entity sets are now supported, allowing draft metadata and data to be stored on the device before merging changes with the backend.


Upcoming in 2023

Since it's TechEd time, we want to showcase all the progress made so far; however, we are going to finish the year with a major bang. A release for SAP BTP SDK for iOS and SAP BTP SDK for Android is planned later this month, which will introduce additional app management policies and streamline integration with 3rd party Bluetooth scanners. MDK also has a release planned for later next month, which will introduce new SAP Fiori controls like the Calendar and enhance the accessibility of many others. You can find more details on the SAP Mobile Services Roadmap.


2024 Sneak Peak

Because we like you, we'll provide a sneak peek into what we have planned for 2024. We will continue enhancing our security offerings to ensure app developers are empowered to focus on app logic. As part of SAP Build Code, we will introduce Generative AI capabilities to the suite, catering to multiple personas. Despite being the “mobile team”, we will help you build amazing solutions for wearables, 3rd party hardware, and even Augmented Reality.


Stay updated by following the mobile community. If you have ideas on what we can do, feel free to start an influence campaign here.


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