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When Nestlé launched GLOBE (Global Business Excellence) in 2000 and chose SAP as its foundation, the objective was clear: a global platform to create operational efficiencies and to support the business with leading-edge solutions. Currently with 95% sales coverage and 170,000+ users, GLOBE has been a resounding success.

Over a decade later and in line with GLOBE’s vision to stay “One Step Ahead”, GLOBE has launched the Landscape Simplification program. The SAP team took GLOBE’s initial interest in HANA and turned it into a large-scale program to reduce the complexity of GLOBE’s ERP-Architecture, transform Nestlé’s datacenters, and leverage SAP HANA to establish a platform that will increase Nestlé’s pace of innovation.

After two years of extreme commitment and the involvement of 340 colleagues from all divisions of SAP, Nestle lighthouse project successfully went live mid of April and business is since running on the Suite on HANA. This success is paving the path to a larger and deeper simplification of all Nestlé landscape.

The major challenges of this project were to merge data coming from 3 interconnected systems, re-assemble the complete document flow and push a consistent picture to a HANA based target.

Our team is composed of resources coming from all divisions of SAP, AGS CoE, AGS SLO, SLO consulting, and from various countries is the perfect example of “ONE Support” organization. Independently of the origin, we all worked together in the same direction and with an enormous commitment.

We achieved our critical task: migrating, converting, recreating data with high quality and faster than expected which allowed the customer to restart his business sooner.

This was the first step. We are now pursuing the Nestlé simplification program, by migrating the rest of the world from “split systems” to monolithic HANA powered systems, and implementing our latest technologies, such as sFIN, Fiori, etc to enhance our customer SAP experience !