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In the recent SAP Jam release 1511, there are many new great highlights and features - details regarding the release can be found here and here. There are also some great new capabilities for the developer in the 1511 release and this blog post will cover some of the highlights:

Developer Productivity

  • To support access to SAP Jam APIs and accelerate development, developers can now retrieve an OAuth 2.0 token from the OAuth Admin page in their SAP Jam Developer Edition environment. This allows developers to use tools such as cURL or Postman to quickly start using the SAP Jam API without having to learn the specifics of the authorization code. Learn more about the SAP Jam Developer Edition here.
  • In addition, the OData documentation reference is now interactive, and allows the developer to use the OAuth 2.0 token mentioned above to call the API directly from within the documentation to see the API in action. I’ll be writing a separate article about this great new capability.

Extensions Catalog

  • In the SAP Jam Admin console there is now a new page named “Extensions Catalog”. This Catalog contains a list of available SAP Jam integrations and extensions and allows the SAP Jam Administrator to browse available integrations directly within SAP Jam.  The catalog is populated from the SAP HANA App Center and as solutions integrated with SAP Jam are published to the SAP HANA App Center they will be available in the SAP Jam Extensions Catalog. If you are interested in building an integration or extension to SAP Jam, please contact me directly.

Third Party OpenSocial Gadgets

  • SAP Jam Administrators now have the ability to enable “Third Party” gadgets. This provides customers with the option to add third party solutions that enhance their SAP Jam experience. For example, customers can now add SurveyMonkey surveys to their SAP Jam groups to support employee satisfaction surveys.

OData API Updates

  • There have been significant updates to the support of Tasks through the API and it is now possible to get the number of new feed items count for a specific feed, without having to call the feed itself.

External Applications

  • A great new feature in the 1511 release is the ability to upload Annotations text directly to SAP Jam without the overhead of having to host it externally.
  • There have also been significant updates to OData integration error messages, and error handling and to the documentation regarding External application consumption of OData.

These are the key highlights for developers from the SAP Jam release 1511. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the SAP Jam release notes available here.