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As with every SAP Jam release, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for developers in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1708 release that is now generally available.

A consistent theme in each release, is to continue to improve the SAP Jam API by adding service operations to support new functionality available in SAP Jam Collaboration. Work is also ongoing to broaden the number of events available for Push Notifications (Webhooks) such that more and more operations that take place in SAP Jam can trigger an event that can then be captured by an external application (to save that external application from having to “poll” the SAP Jam API).

OData API Updates

Status property for EventResponse:

The Status property can now be awaiting_response to capture the invitees that have yet to respond in any way to an event invite:

New Knowledge Base Article entity

There is a new Article entity that exposes the metadata about the Knowledge Base article and allows commenting on them:

A new KnowledgeBaseVisible property has been added to the Group entity:

A new KnowledgeBaseEnabled property has been added to the Company entity:

Forum Enhancements

It is now possible to feature a forum post (Question, Idea, Discussion). IsFeatured property added to show if the specific object has been featured:

Question, Idea and Discussion also now have a navigation to the Tasks created from them

For example, looking at the Interactive API reference and the Navigations for Discussion:



Search has been updated to include Article as a type that can be returned. Results can also be sorted by either date or relevancy.


Expertise and Endorsements

Endorsing a user and retrieving a listing of their expertise is now possible:

Link ContentItemType

Links can now be created through the API as there is now a Link ContentItemType:


To support the updated Messages features, there are new Message and MessageThread entities available in the API:

As always, you can test out the new SAP Jam API enhancements by using the Interactive API Reference, connected to your own SAP Jam Developer Edition environment. All of the screenshots used above are taken from the Interactive API Reference.


Push Notifications (Webhooks)

With the 1708 release, there are a number of new events available for Alias Users, User, Documents, Events and Expertise.

For Alias Users, there are new events to support the updated Messages feature:

For User, under Company Notifications, there is a new User Logged In event that is triggered when a user logs into SAP Jam and for Expertise there are new events for shown, hidden, endorsed or unendorsed (all of which would be useful information when integrating with, for example, a gamification application):

Additional notifications have now been added to Content and Events. For Content, there are notifications for liking and featuring Documents, Wikis and Blogs and for Events, there are new notifications when an Event is created, edited or joined:

Push Notifications can be found in the SAP Jam Collaboration Admin Console: Admin > Integrations > Push Notifications.

I would recommend checking out the SAP Jam Developer Guide and the sample Webhooks server that you can use to test your webhooks with your SAP Jam Developer Edition account.

These are some of the highlights for developers available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1708 release. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the release notes.