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With the SAP Jam Collaboration 1602 release, there are some great updates for developers to help navigate, and use, the SAP Jam API.

General details of all the updates available in the release can be found here but let’s focus on what’s new for developers:

Developer Productivity

Following on from the introduction of the interactive API documentation in the 1511 release, there are further updates to make it even easier for developers to navigate the API:

  • properties are now displayed in the 3rd column with descriptions. The best place to see this is to look at the top level entity get call as it will document all properties returned.  The post calls document only the properties that need to be set.


  • entity diagrams are now included
  • a "Try" button now exists for all endpoints such that you can create an OAuth token in a Developer Edition account and use it to test out all the API calls

OData API updates

In addition to the documentation updates, there are some new endpoints available and updates to some of the existing endpoints as well:

*NEW* GET /Groups_IAdminister

  • A single call to get a listing of all groups that you administer matching the functionality available in the Web UI. This call can significantly reduce the number of API calls required to get this information (from a call for each group that you belong to down to just one call)

*NEW* GET /Company

  • This is a new entity that is the starting point for exposing more of the company wide settings:
    • CreateExternalGroups - Are users able to create external groups.  This helps improve any custom UI from showing this option if it is not available
    • ShowEmail - Exposes the email property of the Custom Profile or if it should be shown or not

*UPDATED* GET /Events('id')

  • New property - DescriptionHtml.  Following the 1511 release, the event description is now a rich text editor.  This property exposes the HTML output of this description (previously the plain text was returned)

*UPDATED* GET /Members('id')

  • New property - WebURL.  This provides a direct link to the members profile page

*UPDATED* GET /Groups('id')

  • New property - IsAdmin.  This provides a quick access to determine if the currently logged in user is an admin of this group.  Removes an additional call to the GroupMembership endpoint

These are some of the highlights for developers available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1602 release. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the release notes at