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On June 20th, 2022, SAP.iO Foundries expanded to Latin America and the Caribbean to accelerate start-ups across all lines of business and industries. I was at the launch in Brazil and shared the enthusiasm of SAP Global Leaders; Clas Neumann and SAP Latin America leadership; Cristina Palmaka, Kange Kaneene, dennison.john, sonjasimon, Paulo Jacomo and more that were in attendance to embrace the innovation in the region.

SAP.iO Foundry Latin America

SAP.iO is SAP's strategic business unit to incubate startup innovation and drive new business models for SAP. It provides startups with access to mentorship, exposure to SAP technologies, and opportunities to meet and collaborate with SAP customers.

The newly launched cohort focuses on “efficient and sustainable farming” and “agricultural logistics”, which are two areas that contribute tremendously towards sustainability.

Efficient and sustainable farming
Since the beginning of agricultural production farming decisions have been taken manually, based on expertise and historic knowledge, mostly handed over verbally from generation to generation. Nowadays, farming and farming decisions are undergoing a huge transformation. Due to increased market pressure and the incoming need to reduce farming materials, farming has become data driven. The amount of data collected on and off the field is increasing year by year. Now, companies are looking into possibilities to leverage that data to standardise and optimise farming decisions.

The cohort is looking for applicants especially in the following areas:

  • Data acquisition: sensors, near/aerial imagery capturing, crop/soil sampling, insect traps, drones and robotics

  • Insights: Weather and climate intelligence, footprint calculation, carbon farming, compliance reporting

  • AI/ML farming recommendations: Planting, fertilization, irrigation, crop simulation models, crop protection, yield and quality

Optimising agricultural logistics
Just recently the world has seen a disruptive change in supply chains across all industries, which led to heavily increased prices and shortcomings in various regions across the globe. In agribusiness supply chains across the whole value chain, logistics play a vital role and can be a competitive differentiator. Agribusiness logistics management can not only help to optimise time and costs, but also establishing quality standards and contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The cohort is looking for applicants especially in the following areas:

  • Transport: GPS tracking, freight collaboration/carrier schedule integration, weighbridge integration

  • Insights: CO2 emissions, simulation models for transportation planning scenarios

  • Documentation: QR-code generation, templates

SAP Intelligent Agriculture
At SAP, one of our industry cloud products in agribusiness addresses these challenges.

SAP Intelligent Agriculture helps to increase the profitability per farmed area, meet farming sustainability targets and comply with sustainability regulations, enabling agribusinesses to establish a digitalised farming experience based on their data.

It enables Agribusinesses to implement farming processes and service offerings for farmers based on a standard platform, powered by data-driven insights. The solution acts as a solid cornerstone in enabling customers capturing and processing farming data required for origination, procurement and sustainability scenarios. Bridging the gap between farm and field data to overcome heterogenous system landscapes, integrating into core-enterprise processes and agronomic decision support models. With SAP Intelligent Agriculture, customers finally get a tool to harmonise and standardise data and information input channels on the edge of innovation.

SAP Intelligent Agriculture is farming ecosystem ready!
Why fit SAP Intelligent Agriculture and startups together? Partners and customers can leverage the headless UX architecture which offers API’s that can be used to build applications on top for an integrated and seamless frontend experience. Furthermore, the solution enables integration along the E2E farming process, addressing specific verticals or processes.
[For further information see SAP Intelligent Agriculture and introduction]

Application period is open till July 29nd
For this cohort, we are looking for B2B startups especially in the innovation spaces of efficient and sustainable farming and optimisation of agricultural logistics using IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more that will join our journey of scaling the value of SAP Intelligent Agriculture and the SAP solution portfolio, to help agribusinesses run better and improve people’s lives.

SAP.iO Foundries have a unique three-fold value proposition - access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technologies, and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers plus benefits such as workspaces, alumni community, special discounts and others listed here. Start-ups that wish to apply for the first SAP.iO Foundry Latin America can do so here until July 29, 2022.

This blog should give you an insight on the first topic of the newly launched SAP.iO Foundry in Latin America: Sustainability in Agriculture with the focus topics of "efficient and sustainable farming" and "optimising agricultural logistics".

With SAP Intelligent Agriculture the program will get a powerful tool to help the startups integrate into the SAP ecosystem.

Follow me to learn more about SAP Intelligent Agriculture, SAP.iO and innovations in the agri sector - watch out for upcoming blog posts and feel free to share within your community.

What area of innovation in agribusiness excites you the most? Any other feedback?
Let me know in the comments section.