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Product and Topic Expert

"What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good"

One of the earliest quotations on volunteering, made by the Greek philosopher Aristotle over 2300 years ago, shows that giving back to the community is not a new concept.

I can't believe we all experienced and witnessed the first in-person and the world's largest SAP Community event, SAP INSIDE TRACK- 2023, last week in SAP Labs India, Bangalore. I will never forget this event experience which brings us together as a community to build an environment to contribute voluntarily.

The event kickstarted with a keynote session by Sindhu Gangadharan, MD and SVP of SAP Labs India, who emphasized the power of community.

Addressing the event, Sindhu stated, "SAP Inside Track (SIT) - 2023 is a community event driven by the people and for the people. With over 1,000 SAP enthusiasts, technicians, product experts, and end users gathered under the same roof is the largest SIT community event yet. It is an excellent chance to learn, network, and take advantage of new opportunities, demonstrating the ecosystem's and community's value. Over the coming days, we're excited about bringing SIT to more cities, including Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai."

The Event featured eight tracks with several sessions led by subject experts and experienced business professionals who shared their perspectives on the most recent developments in the SAP product line, such as SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Build, and SAP Concur.

As a member of the SAP community, this event allowed me to contribute as a Speaker, to share my knowledge and expertise on "SaaS / Multi-Tenant Application Development using CAP on BTP Cloud Foundry Environment," and as a Volunteer to manage the track one, help the technical team, and ensure the speakers would be on time for the stage. It was a great opportunity to speak with the presenters face-to-face and learn about their understanding of the topic.


nagesh.caparthy2. He gave an excellent session on "SAP Business Technology Platform – Overview & Getting Started".

He explained BTP for SAP's Application Portfolio, different Cloud Services, and low-code and pro-code tools for business and professional developers. He showed the BTP ecosystem for application Development and the digital experience with SAP Build Apps and Work Zone. 

He gave an overview of SAP's Multi-Cloud Strategy to run on Hyperscaler and showed us SAP Business Technology Platform Regions, each region represents a geographical location (for example, Europe, US East) where applications, data, or services are hosted. He told us that if we want to explore or try out BTP use cases and services, SAP Discovery Center is the one-stop shop for all SAP BTP resources. 

Presentation Link

sriprasadshivaramabhat. He gave a fantastic session on "SAP INTEGRATION SUITE OVERVIEW AND GUIDE FOR MIGRATION FROM SAP PO TO IS." 

He was ready, on time and shared the excitement with me to present the topic at SIT Event. His belief in प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म [ Prajnanam Brahma- Knowledge is Infinite] reflects in his personality to learn and deliver.

He gave (1) An Overview of the SAP Integration Suite, told us a history of continuous innovation on (2)SAP's Investment in integration(3) A Hybrid Integration Strategy from SAP, and (4) SAP PO to SAP Integration Suite Migration with a Demo.

Presentation Link

rajaprasad.gupta post.

I follow him on SAP Community and love to read his blogs post on Security fundamentals in BTP. In his session, He clarified why security is a difficult task for developers and how we may break this myth. He made a story with Scenes to explain How Identity Federation works and How SAP XSUAA supports Authentication and Authorization. He also showed the end-to-end workflow of a secure application in SAP BTP.

Presentation Link


He has introduced us to the Customer Perspective of the SAP Integration Suite, such as: (1) Challenges as a customer to accelerate business outcomes with simplified integration, (2) Business automation via Integration Suite, and (3)Top 10 reasons to choose SAP Integration Suite.

He also showed two demos: Employee data replication from SF to On-premise S/4 HANA and SAP DCS Integration from On-premise S/4 HANA to Cloud. He explained the Integration Methodology on Integration Suite v/s SAP PO usages and emphasised the future challenges of Integration Strategy.

Presentation Link

ajitkpanda, gave a fascinating session on  "SAAS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT USING CAP ON SAP BTP CLOUD FOUNDRY."

We explained Multi-tenancy, an architectural approach and the benefits of using Multi-Tenant Applications. We also showed how Data Separation works in Multi-tenancy and recommended schema separation in Multi-tenancy with the Cloud Application Programming Model. We guided the demo application, which helps you convert a single-tenant CAP application to a multi-tenant SaaS application.

vijay.simha, gave a very interactive session on "DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY WITH SAP ABAP CLOUD DEVELOPMENT."

They introduced ABAP Cloud with a new feature released in S/4 HANA On-Prem 2022 model and Cloud Ready Extensions Approach, specially RAP Extensions C0 and C1 Contracts and 3 Tier Approach. They discussed Cloud Ready Developments using the BTP Services and demoed the RAP Extension possibilities.

Mohammad AK Rao, a creative branding and marketing practitioner who works for SAP Labs India, gave a fantastic session on "POWER OF ECOSYSTEM AND COMMUNITY BUILDING." 

He talked about how to build the keywords that people describe you and develop Subject Matter Expertise by choosing the right topic, learning to understand your organization and following the experts, and disseminating it using Blogs, publications, external speaking, webinars and podcasts. At last, He told us how to make our Identity by building subject matter expertise, google quotient and community network.


Speaking directly to Speakers, especially during the breakout meetings, was an absolute honour. I enjoyed our conversation, and I truly appreciate their expertise and knowledge.

This was a very inspiring and fantastic day!

Now, we all have hectic schedules for writing and testing code, Consulting with clients, engineers, security specialists, and other stakeholders OR Presenting new features to stakeholders and internal customers, but why should we attend the upcoming Community Event? Or even better: Why should we volunteer?

  • The SAP Community is all about sharing. We all know that you have specific knowledge from which everyone can learn. Share!

  • provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Inspire others

  • Receive acknowledgement from the community.

  • Meet new people and network.

  • Visibility

  • It's free to speak and contribute.

Click here to view the presentations from the other tracks' sessions.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to the organisers and volunteers.

Abhishek ChatterjeeMohammed AK RaoPavan Kumar PVNPushpendra YadavAhsan FarooquiMahesh Palavalli, Peeyush Chaurasia, Kavya KrishnanPriti DhingraGopal AnandAnjitha K AMegha Panjwani, syambabu.allu, Swati Maste, Chinmayi Shetty, Srinivasa Raghavan S, Dhruv Menon, Shreyas Devaraj, svea.becker

Follow the announcement postLinkedIn and Twitter for more updates. Join the following group to start formal and informal discussions about tech or sharing your ideas or anything in general.

Do share with your colleagues and SAP Community members for a wider reach. Looking forward to meeting you all in next community event in Bengaluru.

Happy volunteering!