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Developer Advocate
Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC for short, will take place in San Jose, CA from June 4 - 8, 2018 and for any iOS Developer it is the must attend event of the year. In fact it is the dream ticket, quite literally as attendees are randomly drawn from a lottery to purchase their WWDC ticket. So once they are there, they tend to stay in WWDC and soak up as much of the keynotes, announcements and sessions as possible, but there are alternative and external events that happen independently outside of Apple’s #1 event and we are one of them!

On Tuesday June 5, the SAP Developer Relations Team and experts from SAP Labs, Palo Alto are once again heading down to the San Jose Marriott, right next door to WWDC for the second year of SAP CodeJam covering the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Though this CodeJam is a little different than our traditional 5-6 hour version, it runs for 55 minutes and then starts again on the top of the hour, each hour until 6pm. This allows us to coincide with the session times at WWDC.



For this face-to-face event, we have a hands-on tutorial that allows you, the attendees, to check out the SAP Cloud Platform, the SDK Assistant macOS, the SAP Fiori Mentor iPad App and Fiori for iOS, on your own MacBook and iOS Devices. The data will come from an SAP HANA MDC instance that contains information for parcel/packages & tracking entries. After 55 minutes you will have an app that runs on your iOS device, to show others and information on where to go next to learn more about building Enterprise iOS Apps with SAP.



If this interests you and you will be in San Jose for the week of WWDC, check out where you can register for free and you do not have to be a WWDC attendee. All we ask is that you are a Swift/iOS developer and that you register, so we can send you some pre-requisites such as how to register for the SAP Cloud Platform Trial Edition, how to register/download & install the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. This will enable you to turn up with your MacBook, iOS device, grab some refreshments and hit the ground running with our experts onsite.

We are sure to have some fun, so take an hour out and chill out with us, with a face-to-face hands-on workshop!



If you would like to come but have not decided on the time slot to register for yet, you may want to register/download etc the pre-requisites before heading for San Jose, where the pipe will get mighty congested with WWDC!

Xcode (of course)

Register for the SAP Cloud Platform Developer Trial

Register & download the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Trial (latest matching version to your Xcode)

Download the free SAP Fiori Mentor onto your iPad