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As we can see under the Corbu theme of SAPGUI, icons are displayed larger and brighter than other theme,
but when printing, the old icons(themes other than Corbu) will be printed instead.

This is because that the Corbu theme is simply applied at SAPGUI level,
when creating spools there has no difference in Raw/OTF data as other themes,
so either the print or convert the spool to PDF, icons will be outputted as their default view.

We can take a simple test by using report RSTXICON.

Create spool No. 123 within Corbu theme.
Create spool No. 456 within Signature theme.
Change back to Corbu theme and see these two spools in in SP01, both of these look the same, icons are displayed as Corbu.
Display Raw data of these two spools, we can see nothing is different.

So if you want to print the icons as they appears in Corbu Theme, Instead of the Printing(Ctrl+P) we have to use the
'Hard Copy'(Alt+F12+H), it will capture the current screen and send the picture to your frontend printer directly.