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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

In this blog, we will collect the various smaller blogs that detail all the new developer related features in SAP HANA SPS 11.  This will be a "living" document which is updated as new blogs are released.


In this blog series we are going to describe a large number of new features in both the underlying HANA infrastructure and in particular in the custom development aspects of HANA native development.  But before we get into describing all the new features, its important to note these innovations are delivered alongside the existing functionality.

We haven't removed or disabled any of the current architecture.  All of your custom development objects remain exactly where they are today and will continue to function as they do already. The current XS Engine remains a part of the HANA infrastructure, although now renamed XS Classic so as to distinguish it from the new capabilities delivered as part of XS Advanced. Likewise the HANA Repository remains in place even as we move to Git/GitHub as the future design time/source code repository. Eventually these older capabilities will be removed from HANA, but that point hasn't been decided yet. SAP won't removed them until we see a critical mass of customers moving their development objects to the new capabilities we are about to describe here.

Therefore customers can upgrade with confidence to SPS 11 without fear that the new innovations will somehow disrupt their existing applications. Customers can decide how and when they want to begin to move applications to the capabilities and only do so once they are comfortable with everything involved.  In the mean time everything they have continues to run exactly as it does today.

One final note:  in addition to this blog series, we also have recordings of the lectures on this topic from SAP TechEd 2015.  Much of the information and announcements are the same between these lectures and this blog series.  So for those of you who prefer videos to reading, we have you covered as well.

Application Server

In this blog we will look into detail at the addition of the SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (or XS Advanced/XSA for short). 

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; XS Advanced

In this blog we explore Node.js as the new JavaScript programming environment for XS Advanced.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; Node.js

Development Tools

Although the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA isn't shipped initially with SAP HANA SPS11, developers can already start working with XS Advanced using 3rd party editors and command line tools.  This blog will look at the various options for starting development on XS Advanced now.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; Tooling - Getting Started

In this blog we introduce SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. This is additional tooling for SPS 11 which ships as of March 29th 2016.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

Application Lifecycle

This blog introduces the new HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) and the changes it brings to doing database level development.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; HDI


In this blog we will explore new syntax and features for using CDS at the HANA database level.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; HANA Core Data Services

This blog demonstrates the new features in SQLScript in HANA SPS 11.

New SQLScript Features in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 11

Source Code

I've published the source code of a few sample projects in GitHub that you can access here:

    • This project is an adapted version of the DEV162 TechEd workshop.  The original workshop was given on standalone Node.js on a local developers' laptop. This new version is adapted to run as micro-services on XSA itself. The console output had to be adapted to use Web Sockets and run behind the App Router.
    • An attempt to create a simple example project, yet one that contains many parts (database, node/xsjs services, and SAPUI5) as well as realistic security. It had security scope, role collections and database roles with structured privileges.
    • These are the workshop utilities we use within SAP HANA PM to teach HANA development workshops. If you've ever taken one of our TechEd sessions or our openSAP courses, you've used the Code Template Website. This is a new version running completely on XSA. It no longer uses the HANA Repository to store templates. The template service is now written in Node.js and stores the templates on the file system as part of the deployed application content.


In this blog we will look at when the functionality described here will be available and what the SAP recommendations are for adopting it.

SAP HANA SPS 11: New Developer Features; Closing