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Hello everyone,

For my entry into the SAP HANA  Cloud Portal Movie Critic challenge I have decided to review the video "HCP Extension Package - Discovery Consulting" which can be viewed below.

I have chosen to review this video because it is about how a customer has used HANA and how they have built their own extension for HANA, this real world application of HANA technologies is what grabbed my attention after viewing many other videos showing how to make use of HANA. While those videos were all interesting to view this video had me engaged much more because I was able to see how HANA can be used in the real world and what the benefits of that can be for customers.

The most important take away from this video is how the customer, Discover Consulting, was able to build upon the HANA platform and create an application which suited their own business needs by creating a mobile application that allowed them to fill their time sheets on the go, and that they were then able to release this product to the HANA store so other customers could also reap the benefits of their work. This to me shows the real advantage to the HANA platform, it can create a collaborative community which drives innovation which benefits businesses quicker and more directly rather than waiting around for the applications they require which might get developed some day.

Thanks everyone who took the time to read this review and if I have inspired you to give reviewing a video yourself a shot be sure to check out the Announcement of SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge for all the details you need to enter yourself.


Alan Kelly

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