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Introduction: SAP HANA License keys are installed for uninterrupted usage of HANA database. You can install or delete HANA License keys using HANA studio, SAP HANA HDBSQL command line tool and HANA SQL Query Editor.

Types of License keys

SAP HANA system supports two types of License keys −

  • Temporary License Key − Temporary License keys are automatically installed when you install the HANA database. These keys are valid only for 90 days and you should request permanent license keys from SAP market place before expiry of this 90 days period after installation.

  • Permanent License Key − Permanent License keys are valid only till the predefine expiration date. License keys specify amount of memory licensed to target HANA installation. They can installed from SAP Market place under Keys and Requests tab. When a permanent License key is expired, a temporary license key is issued, which is valid for only 28 days. During this period, you have to install a permanent License key again.

There are two types of permanent License keys for HANA system −

  • Unenforced − If unenforced license key is installed and consumption of HANA system exceeds the license amount of memory, operation of SAP HANA is not affected in this case.

  • Enforced − If Enforced license key is installed and consumption of HANA system exceeds the license amount of memory, HANA system gets locked. If this situation occurs, HANA system has to be restarted or a new license key should be requested and installed.

Note: There is different License scenarios that can be used in HANA system depending on the landscape of the system (Standalone, HANA Cloud, BW on HANA, etc.) and not all of these models are based on memory of HANA system installation.

License Installation: Earlier we have three different methods to install license in HANA Database. Here I am giving a brief explanation before moving ahead with new method introduced with HANA 2.0 SPS01.

  1. Install License Using SAP HANA Studio: Login to SAP HANA Studio -- Right Click SID and Click on Properties Tab. You can check license details or install new license key.

2. Install License using command line tool: Login SAP HANA Database OS level using      sidadm user. Execute the command as shown below:

3. Install License using SAP HANA SQL Query Editor: In SQL Editor to execute the command SET SYSTEM LICENSE <License File Location>


SAP HANA 2.0 SPS01 What's New: With SAP HANA 2.0 SPS01 we are introduced with a new method for license installation more convenient(for end-user) using HANA Cockpit.

Prerequisite: Below are the prerequisite for license installation using HANA Cockpit:

  • HANA release should be HANA 2.0 SPS01 and above.

  • Cockpit Navigation Basic understanding.

  • LICENSE ADMIN privilege user

Process: Below is the detailed explanation:

1.Login into HANA Cockpit and add HANA resources.Then click on Resources.

2. Scroll down to DB administration and click on Manage System License

It will take you to below screen. Here you can extract all details required for requesting license key directly from or


If you are requesting License key for newly installed system then first we need to provide system details(which are not already maintained on SMP). Hardware key can be extracted from HANA Studio as shown below:


3. Here you can enter details for newly installed system or directly request for License Key generation for existing systems.


4. After License is requested you will get License.txt file in your mailbox or you can download it from Service Market Place and install it in your system through HANA Cockpit by clicking in Add License Key (plus sign) on HANA Cockpit:

For New Installation


Additional Information:

System Lock-down

The system goes into lock-down mode in the following situations:

     1.     The temporary license key has expired.

     2.     You were using a temporary license key and the hardware key has changed.

     3.     The permanent license key has expired and you did not renew it within 28 days.

     4.     The installed license key is an enforced license key and the current memory consumption exceeds the licensed amount plus the tolerance.

     5.     You deleted all license keys installed in your database.

In lock-down mode, no queries are possible. Only a user with the system privilege LICENSE ADMIN can connect to the database and execute license-related queries, such as, obtain previous license data, install a new license key, and delete installed license keys. In addition, the database cannot be backed up in lock-down mode.

Delete Installed License Keys: We as explained in System Lock-down situation need to delete all license keys and this option is available in HANA Cockpit:



Caution: So please avoid delete all licenses unless you are sure and have business case.






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Hello and thanks for your summary! We are discussing this topic in our team for a while now. Unfortunately I am not able to find any information about the HANA licensing. Today I read your post, saying "...not all of these models are based on memory of HANA system installation."

This made me think: I know there are license types enforced and unenforced. In the last HANA Platform Edition DBs that I installed I applied a license from the SAP Portal and it was always unenforced. Why? Because of the license model the customer owns?

So actually with this license I can size the underlying systems like I want. Under which circumstances do customers get a enforced license, so they really have to watch after their memory usage?

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your query.

By default SAP allows for unenforced permanent license key. Enforced license key is currently only apply to SAPBusinessOne model. The two license type differ from each other with following line in license key file:We can differentiate between enforced and unenforced license:

. Unenforced license key: SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA

. Enforced license key: SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA-ENF

Typically in SAP, license limits are soft. Nothing happens if you exceed the amount of memory licensed. Only when GLAS initiates a license audit and it is determined that you exceeded your licensed memory amount in the past SAP will approach you and ask for more money.

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Thank you, Manpreet!

OK, this leads me to the next question - hope you don't mind: Does SAP charge you by RAM-usage? This would make sense, since if they don't, I could generate a license for, let's say, 1 TB RAM and just use 200 GB of that. So in this case I will not overcommit my licensed RAM usage...?
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Thank you, Manpreet!

Valuable information for HANA 2.0
Former Member
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We are migrating several ERP, CRM, EWM, SCM, PO and Solman systems to HANA. All of them have user based licenses. Do I assume correctly the HANA licenses would be uninforced in this case so I can apply for HANA licenses just of the size we need?

Do i also assume correctly that we can increase the licensed memory whitout running in Audit trouble when the databases grow (for sure we will increase the license when more named users are onboarded)


with kind regards